Sunday, March 14, 2010

Road Trip & Upcoming Recipes

Road Trip
IN the spur of the moment (even though I had been contemplating throughout the last two weeks) the kids and I decided to pack up and take a quick road trip North. I am typing this from the lovely little town of Henderson in East Texas.I am visiting with my cousin and her family. Barbie is so much like my sister, it isn't even funny. I don't mean her and my sister are alike, but more like she is like my sister instead of my cousin. Does that make sense?

Anyway, our kids are close to the same age, and for the most part get along really well. They should be tuckered out tonight, as they have been playing outside in this lovely weather all day! It is a very pleasant 73, with clear blue skies! I am so glad that we have a beautiful week ahead of us for our Spring Break. Some years it is cold and wet, and others it is hot and sticky already. This year, it seems as if it is going to be perfect. Lots of good get out there and enjoy it kind of weather. Still too chilly to hit he beach, but that will definitely be in the making for many April and May weekends.

We will head back home tomorrow morning. My darling stayed back at home, because he is about to be working hard on 12 hour shift for at least 1 1/2 weeks if not more. I wanted him to rest, and get ready for that, but I do't' want him to have to be the one to have to cook and get things ready for many days without me. That is just how my heart is wired right now, but he will get himself off to work in the morning, but come home to clean house and a nicely prepared meal tomorrow evening. As pretty as it is outside, I will probably cook something out on the grill. I am beginning to look forward to some lighter meals, with yummy veggie sides.

Upcoming Recipes
I found a couple of new to me recipes I want to try out this week while I am off, and remember, I am still working hard on perfecting a biscuit recipe I am also looking for a few "family favorite comfort food" recipes to try out that may be new to my crew. So if you have a good one that you'd like to share I can't wait! I am working on a menu for the week, but as always it is tentative.

One of the recipes I want to try out is a copycat recipe for the  Girl Scot Samoa cookie. I may wait on these until Easter though, because my kids are not so much a fan of coconut and then I can share them with a few others who do like coconut. Also, I may take the "flavor" of the cookie and make more of a bonbon treat instead. So yeah, more sugar recipes!  The other was a pie to surprise my hubby with.

What's Up
I also have planned a card making afternoon with a friend of mine, but we shall see if that pans out. I am not one to make plans and cancel on someone, but I am often the one that the plans get canceled on. IF it happens, I will simply just enjoy that time by myself. Not a big deal. I am not a Debbie Downer.

One thing about going out of town though, it always refreshes my soul to my own home and it's surroundings. The solid routine, the way that is familiar. And I have to say.... sleeping in my own bed is always blissful after being away! Until I return ~ have a fantastic Sunday!


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