Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The stubborn egg, cornbread, and I love my Husband!

As I sit here on a "humpday" I am realizing that I am in such a groove for my life that I have been longing to have again for months! I am in a new routine, nad I have to say while I thought it would be hard, I am finding it to be pretty easy. Why? Because I am not catering to my fleshly desires. Instead, I am working on "kingdom" desires. Yes, even in my home.

Yesterday was such a Fantastic day at school. These children just overwhelm me sometimes, but in a good way. I was just floored by how much they seem to be retaining lately. It is pretty special. THIS is when the fruits of all the things we have been planting since September begin to sprout and take root. I am loving it!

Even after school I had some errands to run for my husband, and while I first thought it would be exhausting, I realized how refreshing it was to know my hard at work man not only trusts me to help him, but he wants me to. I am just overjoyed with our marriage lately. We had a pretty rough spell there for a few months, but this morning I sit here and I can tell you that through all the tough times, it is worth working through it. I truly feel blessed.

I just finished baking a pan of cornbread, and boiling 15 eggs to make deviled eggs to take to a teacher's luncheon that I am not even eating at. I love to cook though, and these are two things that I know will be enjoyed. Have I shared my cornbread recipe with ya'll?

Southern Style Cornbread
©2010 Sheila C. King
1 cup flour
1 cup cornmeal
1/2 cup to 1 cup sugar
1 TBS Baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 beaten egg
1 cup of milk
1/4 cup oil (or bacon grease)

Heat oil in a iron skillet in a preheated 425*oven for 3 minutes. Mix all above ingredients together in a bowl. Add hot oil and mix well. Pour into iron skillet and bake for 20 minutes or until top is browned nicely. Serve with butter! YUM (This is excellent with just about any meal!)

I just finished trying to peel those eggs, and let me tell you God was speaking to me in ways only He can do. I mean, it's obvious to me it's Him. Anyway, as I was peeling those eggs, I really struggled to peel them. I threw several away. But, I learned something BIG in the process. We are like those boiled eggs. We have an outter shell that holds our goodness in, and there are many times in life we need to allow our shell to peel away. But just as the eggs I threw away, there was some stubborness going on. When we are so stubborn, it is hard to break through our shell. How can God penetrate us if we are that stubborn? How can he remove things about us that ONLY HE can, if we are that stubborn? As I was going through them I would find one that was easy, and it was almost like a relief to get that one and not have to get frustrated. It was a very probing moment for me. I realize the times I have struggled with things, it was most likely me being a stubborn egg and fighting the process of my outer shell being peeled away. But it is obvious that the good things hidden in that shell are no good if they remain hidden either. *sigh* I praise the Lord for speaking to me this morning. Who am I to fight to always have it my way? How can He change me like I desire for Him to do, if I am holding up the process?

Well, I must go my lovelies! I must put on the face that says I am put together. (THAT is a whole other story!  ~ God is moving in my life the only way He can when I am desiring to write. The neat thing for you guys, is you get a tiny glimpse of that! I am seriously starting on that book this weekend!) My makeup at least makes me feel good about my appearance. I LOVE my  makeup! Anyone out there get a rush for knowing your face is put together?

Have a blessed midweek day!


  1. Yep, I get a rush out of knowing my face is put together! Amazing how God can speak to us through eggs and our daily lives. I had cornbread last night for dinner with my homemade soup. I added your name to my blogroll list of weight loss blogs on my main page. Thank you dear one for following me on my fasting blog. I pink puffy heart you!!

  2. I definitely feel better when I find the few extra minutes to put on some makeup & get my face put together. I love the analogy of the eggs; do you mind if I share it with the person that does lessons at kids groups for my Church? I think she'd love to use if for a "hands-on" lesson. :-)

  3. Oh this was POWERFUL. I LOVED it!

    how can he remove things about us that ONLY HE can, if we are that stubborn?


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