Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Treasure the moment

This thing called life is such a treasure. So many times it is easy to focus on what is going on RIGHT NOW, and not see the big picture.It is so easy to get caught up in simply surviving that we do not take the time nor the energy to enjoy the moment. Even the hard ones.

As I am growing in my faith (because really we are always growing right?), I realize that all things that seem so hard, are really what God is using in my life to stretch me. To grow me. To create me into more of HIS image.Just yesterday morning I was reading a sweet blog, and let me tell you something. The green eyed monster came out. Why? Because in my mind I think "Wow, I want to be that gentle spirit that Monica seems to be." Almost to the point I was beginning to feel back for my quirky and very outspoken personality. Just moments later I read a devotional that made me realize I am quirky and outspoken because that is the thing that makes me different. I mean sure I am gentle, kind, but I do not have a shy bone in my body. I can strike up a conversation with the strangest of strangers. Yes, there are times I need to learn to be quiet, and just be. THAT is hard for me. That is where God stretches me.

In my career, this year has been a growing point for me. I have learned to stand up for what I believe in for my classroom, and I am NOT ashamed that I believe in a playbased learning system. I teach 3 and 4 year olds for goodness sake! It's okay to learn in the painting, play dough, and imagining creatures are on our roof and the only way to get them down is to wisper I love you! God  has stretched me beyond stretching and I feel it deep within my being. I feel it, so much that Spring Break is looking like a grand time of refreshment! I am longing to get my hands and my thoughts in my garden. (Hopefully we can get to tilling this weekend.) See when I am working outside I think.. a lot. I find clarity. And there may be a new season in the preschool, or there may not. Either way, God is moving ME into a new season! Praise the Lord!

Let me just encourage you today, to look outside the box. Do not just focus on the here and now, but what's to come. I am learning to not make decisions based on my emotions and how I "feel". Feelings and emotions are real, but are not wise at making decisions. Always following only our heads is NOT the way either. There needs to be a balance. A way to make all things come inline together and I have to tell you ~ through Jesus Christ and the entire Holy Trinity is the ONLY way to find that kind of balance. STOP trying to do it on your own!

May you be blessed beyond your belief in ways you may have NEVER been blessed before today!


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  1. Amen, balance, balance, balance. Such a good post. I am blessed to get to know you better and am liking your ways!


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