Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Watching the week go by!

Goodness this week has flown by already! Yesterday was a rough day. I was not emotionally into taking care of me, my foot was hurting ( i somehow hurt it while walking my last 5k on Monday), and was crabby. Eating crappy food seems to really do a number on me in more ways then I want to realize. Today, I have begun taking care of that.

Yesterday I worked here at home, getting my papercrafting stuff organized. I am ready to make time for myself crafting and doing things I like. I love cooking, and I LOVE papercrafting! And believe it or not, I am loving working out! I was so sad, and a bit ticked off when I knew I needed to take the day off from that yesterday. And I know that today is going to be another recovery today and I can accept that. But oh man, it is ON tomorrow! It may still even be on today... but just strength training and maybe some rowing.

Well, I am about to stick a lemon pound cake in the oven. I am however tweaking the recipe a bit. Just for fun! To make it a more lighter cake, and well... I am just playing! The weather was pretty yucky yesterday, but today oh my it is too lovely to be stuck here around this computer! Have a fantastic Wednesday!


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  1. Glad we've begun "taking care" of that in our lives. We will do it!! Your pound cake sounds yummy. Save me some and I'll be over later for coffee and a latte! You probably have no idea what your support means to me right now. ((hugs))


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