Thursday, April 1, 2010

My first 2 week plan

April 5 ~ April 19
This is my plan of action to rekindle my life

Food for each day (example)

1 cup of coffee (maybe 2) with 2 tbs of flavored creamer, 1 splenda

1. Weight Control Oatmeal, 1 light yogurt (6oz)
2. Water to drink (only)

Morning snack
1 serving of fruit, 1oz nuts or cheese

1. Salad w/ deli turkey or ham (Lots of veggies, small portion of deli meat), 1 TBS Ranch dressing (NOT light or fatfree ~ they have added sugars)
2. Water to drink (only)
**For days I am at preschool**
1. A protein bar (Luna or something similar) ( or a wrap using a lc tortilla, mustard, ham, cheese)
2. Raw veggies, and 1 serving of fruit

Afternoon snack
Celery sticks with  1 wedge of Light Laughing Cow Cheese

1. Moderate to low portion sizes of meat for dinner, unlimited veggies, no starches
2. Water to drink (only)
3. 1 serving size of olive oil if needed

As you can see, it is water to drink all day with the exception of my morning coffee, and protein at each meal/snack.

I love the gym. I really do. I still didnt cancel it, and now I know why. That is where I often find my "happy place". And it is okay for a mom to have her own private Happy Place.~Smile~ For my first two consistent weeks of working out this is my plan

Cardio (6 days a week)
Alternate days of :
45 minutes on the Eliptical (Sat/Tues/Thurs)
60 minutes on the Treadmill(Fri/Mon/Wed)

Strength Training (6 days a week)
Alternate days of:
Legs/ Glutes/ Lower Abs (Sat/Tues/Thurs)
Arms/ Shoulders/ Back / Core abs (Fri/Mon/Wed)

On day 7 (Sundays)
Bootcamp at home for 20 minutes
Running stairs across the street for 10 minutes

Daily exercise is NOT a requirement for some, but let me tell you, I crave it. I am more motivated to expereince all I can out of life when I moving, and feeling life.

Where will I find my success?
Are you wondering how I will find if I succeeded this two week challenge? It's not by the scale. It's by the making a plan and sticking to it. It's by devoting my life to finding health in a way that anyone can follow, without feeling the desitute feeling I had when I was "stuck" on Atkins. Devoting my life, all of it, to the Lord to be used for His glory ` knowing full well I am doing my part to build up that temple and NOT tear it down.

Each day I am also taking the following supplements:
1 Co Q-10
1 Probiotic
1 Digestive Advantage
1 Women's Daily
1 Biotin
2 Fiber Choice

Each day I am committing to take the following RX
1 Levothroid (I have not done well)
1 Yaz

The next two weeks are about taking my life back! If you haven't read where I found my freedom, then click here! I am no longer an "Atkins" girl, but a healthy girl!

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