Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new addition to our family

Oh I just had to come and share the news! We have a new addition coming to our family! In fact, another multiple birth. No, our red tabby is a boy and he is nutered so it isn't him. And well, this momma is "fixed" as well, so it isn't me. BUT.... well here, I will show you!
You see that lovely nest? Yes, what an intricate little home that was created by a sweet set of Robins! YES! ROBINS! I am sorry, maybe I am a bit nieve, but this isn't common for us. We have had ton of dove nests ~ though they are usually pretty high up in the oaks and pecans. This tree is just about 5 1/2 feet tall. :) Perfect for me to stretch to get a shot of it. And I even got to take a peak inside. Do you want to see? You do?

SWEET!!! I can't wait to see these babies! Yesterday I tried to snap a picture of the momma in the nest too, but she was a bit camera shy. Maybe soon?!

We have spent alot of time outside lately, and I have to say that it makes me happy. I am content playing outside with the kids. Sure, the lazy part of me would love to stay indoors and play on the puter all day. BUT... I have been enjoying helping my princess climb trees, and playing many rounds of tag. Yes, I even joined in a small game of football with the boys! Well, here let me show you!

I sure hope that in your neck of the woods, the weather is as lovely as it has been here. We are due a chance of rain later this week so today will be a playday at the park for a bit after school. I can't wait! Of course more pictures will be coming I am sure! Then we will come home, do some house blessings, cook dinner, and enjoy a nice relaxing evening. ~ Happy Tuesday!


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  1. You have such beautiful children and I love the new additions!!!


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