Sunday, April 11, 2010

The whole healthy journey is OUT OF HERE!

No, not really OUT of here, as in I no longer care. Out of here as in I have decided to seperate my weight loss stuff from my main blog here. I need a creative outlet for that part of my life, and now is the perfect time as I have recommitted to this low carb lifestyle of mine. So, if you follow One Pretty Little Box for my weight loss journey alone, you may want to switch over to One Low Carb Momma! I am spending some quiet time here at home today, much needed let me tell you, so on that note I will be transferring or at least linking up to the previous posts and recipes from here to over there.

One Pretty Little Box will now become what it was originally intended. A place to simply share my life, thoughts that are swimming around my brain, a place to share what God is leading me too, and simply just a place to be me ~ no weightloss expectations needed. We all need one of those!

Even if you are NOT a low carber, and I do not know many of you that are, feel free to join me over there anyway. There will be new recipes posted (that anyone can enjoy), fitness tips, weight loss information, etc.


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  1. I like the new look of you pretty, just like you! I'll head over and check out your health blog. Love ya!


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