Saturday, May 15, 2010

A break is sometimes good!

Have you ever felt the burning desire that you truly just need a break? I am there. I feel so overwhelmed Not with my everyday life, but this health journey of mine. I almost feel .... I can't even find the words. And honestly, it breaks into every aspect of my life whether I want to admit it or not.

I feel like every since Spring Break, I have found myself fighting every single moment to get myself together, yet destroy all my efforts without a second thought. Then I pose all these personal challenges, and well.... then I begin wishing I hadn't done them public because then I end up NOT doing it for me, for my health, but because I said I was and I don't want to "make a fool" out of myself. When you are a blogger, sometimes, we just don't do what we want to for ourself, we do it for our readers. *sigh*

I have done this for too long. This morning I posted that I was going on a break from blogging about my health journey until June 1st. I want to publically extend that to this blog as well. Honestly, my entire "online life" will be on hold until then.

If you can, please pray for me. I am taking this break for personal reasons ~ some I have shared, some I will never share. I have skeletons lurking in my closet and well... at times their rattely bones are so very loud, I can hear of nothing else. THIS is one of those times. I must leave and deal with the bones before I can move forward.


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  1. This sounds like something you need right now so I'm praying for you!

    Keep up the fight and hope to hear from you again!


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