Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good and busy times

Good morning my lovlies! It is Saturday, and I was up (once again) before the roosters! Not that we have a rooster, but there are a few in the neighborhood. And YES! I live in the city! LOL ~ Only in Texas would this be "normal". LOL!

I have been waking up feeling very blessed lately, and that is a good thing. Too often as wives and mothers, we can allow ourselves to become burdened with the everyday life, and then we become very difficult to live with.

My dear darling has been working almost two weeks straight, and I am so glad the is off today and tomorrow to recover a bit. Overtime is nice, don't get me wrong. BUT... sometimes it feels like a burden. It often means Dad is away from the home from way before dawn to after dusk, and on the weekends. Our home functions BEST when both of us are here in the evenings. The kids are better behaved, and they have alot mroe respect when both of us are here together. Glad they are back on track, at least for this weekend!

Do you remember how we spent a lot of our summer vacation last year?
I spent the entire day yesterday putting this bad boy back up, and getting it prepped to be filled. Because we left it out in the weather, it has some cleaning to be done, but we are expecting to be in this heavenly oasis no later then early next week. Yes, it is before Memorial day ~ but I am pretty sure that there are no "bad luck" thing gonna happen tied to it, as per putting the tree up before Thanksgiving and taking it down before the New Year. LOL. If so, too bad! It is getting pretty warm out there, and this is our summer entertainment. Next year I pray it is possible to put in an permanent above ground with a nice little sunning deck! Going from part time to full time next year will hopefully help that!

Oh, in case this shocks you, I decided NOT to wait until June 1 to retrun to my blogging. I actually had a few days off this week with an ill child, so life wasn't so overwhelming for me. This upcoming week is a busy one, with it being the last week of preschool for this school year, and then on Friday volunteering @ the kid's school helping out with "5th Grade Play Day", a tradition that we get to partake in this year. I still can't believe my daughter is going to enter into the world fo Jr. High next year. *sigh* They grow up too fast!

Speaking of growing up, the twins will be turning 8 next Saturday. On that same day is one of my sister in love's birthday as well. We are having a big ol BBQ with family (all of my inlaws) ~ and will most likely start that morning out with the other grandmother (my mom) having breakfast @ IHOP and a bit of birthday shopping. We are in the process of making plans with friends for a possible pool gathering at their house that Sunday afternoon, then Memorial Day will be here! It will be a busy weekend that is for sure! And some time in there, I promised the boys (before I knew about the family bbq) that we would try to make a wrestling cake! LOL I plan on trying my hand at that on Friday evening. (Will definately take pics).

This is my favorite time of year, followed by next favorite time of year. (Autumn). Honestly I have to admit I like all seasons, but Winter seems to be the toughest. Summer the easiest! Autumn and Spring are busy. So there ya have it! LOL



  1. Haha! Last week, I heard a rooster in our neighborhood, too! I must admit I have been difficult to live with lately! With graduations, MOPS events, and birthdays (including little miss priss) I've been one frazzled mommy! Add Wesley's allergy issues and, whew! We are very much looking forward to summer and hopefully we will have our pool up soon, too! Hope all the sick germs are gone at your house :)

  2. LOVE those pools. Love love love them. So excited the warm weather is here to stay - winter seemed especially long and dreary this year!

  3. Oh, my daughter would love for us to get a pool. My parents had an in-ground pool when I was growing up. I was spoiled! I know your family enjoys yours!

    Ha. I'd probably leave it up too. It takes me forever to get seasonal stuff put away.


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