Friday, June 18, 2010

Frazziledless Friday

Thank you for those of you who have lent me your kindness and understanding after my last post. I will say that yesterday I had one high carb crazy meltdown, but it was "needed". I get that. I think what I will end up doing healthwise is to continue pushing my carb cycling, but maybe making myself eat breakfast in the mornings. During school I will often eat breakfast, not lunch, workout and then be ready for a good dinner. And not feel weak. Just something I will continue to work on.

Today, the kids and I have kind of hidden inside. Well, we did go out to the credit union, the bank, got a few groceries, gas in the Explorer, home to unload groceries, a quick trip to the library and then we have literally just relaxed this afternoon. It has been nice. I am sure we will be ready for our chlorine fix by tomorrow!

Taking time to relax, has been very enjoyable. Taking time this week to enjoy my children and play with them in the pool has been very enjoyable. I am truly blessed. I realized how lucky I am. A few more weeks of this and you will be hearing me begin my banter and mini self discussions on getting ready for preschool again.  And I have to say, I am ready to hit the gym again. Why? Because I just am. I miss going to just go. It has nothing to do with losing weight, it has nothing to do with slimming down, it simply only has to do with the fact that I enjoy moving my body. Just like I simply enjoy drinking water. YUM! Yeah, I have those two things down very well. Now, I need to get the simple fact of getting my food right. And I will. I have faith that I will.

Have a blessed weekend!


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