Saturday, June 19, 2010

A good night's rest is all I needed!

I am excited to say that all I really needed after my great day yesterday was some nuch needed complete rest. I got it. I woke up and refocused. I realized something. I am an Atkins girl ~ and for me, that is okay! You might not agree with my woe (way of eating) or how I live my life, but that is okay. It's not about you! It's about me, and what works for me! I realized for me, the grass is NOT greener on the other side, in fact I have the healthiest lawn I know! I need to stop tweaking, and simply just allow the process to happen. Is it okay to turn down food, because it isn't on my plan ~ sure it is! Is it okay to ask a waiter or even family to make special exceptions for me ~ why not?! :) I am in the best place I can be right now.

Someone saying "dont exercise! it will hinder weight loss" is a complete idiot! Someone saying "eating fat will make you fat"... is an idiot! There are alot of people in our lives who will dictate their opinions upon us, and we have to simply fish through the garbage that doesn't make sense. So, I have found the freedom I have been searching for, and it is funny because who knew I had the keys in my hand the entire time?!

Photobucket  ~ Just call me an Atkins Girl!


  1. Right on Sistah!!! We all have to find what works for us. You've found it and so have I. I've learned the past few weeks that it's all about flexibility and being kind to myself. If I go "off plan", that's okay because I have far more "on days" than off. Love ya!

  2. Anyone who faults you should keep her opinion to herself. Seriously -- do what works for you.

    Good for you for figuring it out!



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