Monday, June 28, 2010

A revelation to get you in the groove

I was getting dressed and I pep talking myself in the mirror. What? You don't do that? OH how you miss out! Anyway, I was getting ready for the gym, and realized (through the Holy Spirit) something very pivotal in my life.

God created us to be unique. What works for us, is unique. NOT ONE of us is a like and because of this, WHY do we constantly go to one another to find out what would work better for us? I do it, and I know I cant' be alone. It's almost as if we are trained to go to someone else for guidance. Yes, it's nice to have sisters in Christ, that I can take my burdens too.... but I haven't honestly been going to my King first or my husband second. I was blessed by that, and comforted too. I know a lot of you were pulling for me to be able to continue South Beach, but I just can't. I dont' feel well physically, or mentally. Back to my other Low carb ways (because really SB isn't that low carb compared to what I am used to). It's not for me, and it's okay!

Today I am walking in freedom in my Spirit, my mind, in everything about what I am and who I am. It's an amazing feeling. Okay... off to the gym, then home to work with the kids on thinning out some of the toys, and then ... and then..... a Wii marathon since the weather isn't looking too promising for swimming today.


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  1. Hey, Sheila - Do I have to slap you? I was never doing this "because Sheila is".... I investigated it because you mentioned it, and I knew it was right for me. Yes, it would be nice to have you along, but I am much much much happier if you can just find what works for you. It is SUCH an individual and unique life for us all... I see lots of Christians forget that and get all legalistic about what is "okay" and what isn't... it's all about what God wants for us. As long as the relationship with Him is strong, and our motivations are aligned with His, we'll do alright. I wish you all the best.


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