Saturday, July 24, 2010

Teaching worship hangover!

As tacky as it sounds, that is what I was dealing with yesterday. But I must tell you ~ this past week's worships were the BEST I have been to yet. (EVEN better then last year's!) The hangover comes from it being an overload of information and stimulation.

The conference we go to is called PTAC (Preschool Teachers Adventures Conference) and boy is it an adventure! It is hosted at a church about fifty miles from home in Spring Cypress (outside houston). This was my fourth consecutive year, and the last two far outweighed the first two.

Some of the people that I was given the pleasure of listening to was Tina Houser (who is amazing! She is one very spiritfilled woman, and I have learned boocoodles from her for my own classroom to my own spiritual life), the Go Fish guys (which have given me some much needed motivation and freedom to enjoy being silly)amoung many more. (My binder is in the bedroom and dh is sleeping before he goes into work for a few hours.)

All this put aside, I can tell you yesterday I was just off. I was overwhelmed, overjoyed, and over stimulated. Even someone like me who LOVES stimulation, it can be alot to process. Add that in to PMS (as sweet Annalisa suggested) since my cyle will start in less then four days, and you have a hypersensitive woman! I am thankful today (after I got a good rest last night) that I am a bit more clear headed and can begin to move forward in my school prep.

The breakthrough for me, was this: I am in the will and purpose that God has for me. I know this. I have known this, but for once in my life I appreciate it! I LOVE what I do, and I realize how much of an impact I can have on ONE child, let alone a classroom full of them. I am complete when I am teaching. I am fullfilled in just about every way. Yes, there have been times of frustration, but nothing that wasn't worked through, and nothing that God hasn't used to change me. So, my post the other day about balance, has come full circle. I realize that I am BALANCED when I am working in my gifts and talents. And I also realize that the "breaks/ vacations" that I do are good too, even though I feel so lost. They are good for me to regroup ~ and to be refreshed. And that I am today. I am regrouped, refreshed, and overjoyed to know that this is going to be another fantastic year!

So, I have to tell you that in the next three weeks I may share lots of blog posts, BUT... once school starts, my blogging may come to a slow walk ~ simply meaning there isn't much time to blog during the week. I may become one of those "weekend warrior bloggers" who blogs a weeks worth in two days and just schedules the posts out. Who knows! LOL But for now, I am going to use this mojo to build a bigger and better classroom! Thank you for your love and support!


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