Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another new month!

Can  you believe it? It's already August! The last month of Summer here in Texas. Well.... not "officially" but once school starts, summer is done! Fineto! Finished!

I have been working off and on getting things ready for school. I have one and a half weeks before I am officially back! Then one more week and my kids are off to school and students walk in the door! GOSHLY! Wasn't I just bragging about my lazy days of summer not long ago?

I am working on two seperate Bible studies this month. One I am doing in the morning, and the other I am doing in the evenings. When school officially starts, there will not be much time for comptuer stuff, nor tv (Thank you Jesus for the invention of the DVR!). Honestly, I like it like that! I like being busy. Not because it gives me a way of escape, but because I stay focused on the big things of life. The little petty things that often sidetrack me, is what I do not like. I mean, maybe the problem is I like them too much?

My mornings will be focused on discovering who God is. I love that! The book I will be reading is one I have read before, but as you know you can read something twice and find something new! Anyway, I am going to rediscover God in my daily presence as I seek His face in prayer, and read The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. In the evenings I am going to rediscover the life of Jesus, and uncover many new things that I long to know in the book Jesus, the one and only by Beth Moore. I have workbooks to them both, and plan on really seeing where God is going to take me!

The last two days we have worked outside, so I have not had any new encounters or signs in the clouds, but I have moved muscles that haven't been moved in a long time ~ with NO extra effort! No gym needed when you have a home and a family to tend to! I love being outside.

If the last two weeks in July were any idea of what August is going to be like, I am just as giddy as a school girl! OH! That's right! Because I am a teacher, I will ALWAYS be a school girl!

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