Saturday, August 28, 2010

The first week back

The Once a week blogger? Yes, it seems like that lately. And, I know you are all okay with that. If you have followed my blogging for any length of time, you know that there are times (seasons) in my life where daily blogging just cannot be a priority. Usually with me, it seems like it comes at the end of an actual season (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) and this year this is no exception.

I am happy to say though that it isn't because I am overwhelmed all day in my classroom, this year that is just not the case. My class is going soooo smoothly this year, smoother then ever. But we have a lot of new changes in our preschool as we went from a four day program to five. Yes it seems like just a day, but when only a select few in our staff are available to cover that extra day, it can be a bit of processing and figuring things out. For the first week ~ it has been busy to say the least. I know with time, as in all situations, the kinks will get worked out and  it will flow. God's hand has been in these changes, now it is just getting through them and moving forward.

One of the changes for me obviously is I am out the door by 6:30 and return at 3:15. Then as soon as I walk through the door I like to tackle a few house blessings, and get dinner going. I do not want our home to give way to chaos just because I went back to work. When things get tough, and I get behind in the little things I get overwhelmed and it just seems like everything is going to fall apart with a single breath. Ever have one of those weeks? I am doing what I know how to do, to avoid that happening. I am not saying it won't, but God has given me a bit of wisdom in my life lately, to understand how these little things happen.

It's hard admitting to ourselves how we are really the problem sometimes, when it would be easier to place blame on the circumstances around us, or even the people around us. I mean I am one person... I can't possibly go through two loads of laundry in ONE day (4 if I take out the towels and hubby's coveralls for work). But God hasn't called me out to be the heart of my home with an attitude. Sure, there are a lot of wives and mothers out there who are the heart of their homes, yet.... they are full of stinkin thinkin which if you look at that alone, you realize it is counter productive. They don't compliment one another instead they destroy each other. How many times in our week do we destroy our positive efforts by the negative? When I begin working on these things with my whole heart, and make time to seek Him, there isn't much free time for computer stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I am not putting this blog on the "back burner". I am always thinking ahead, and always have a story to share, BUT.... the season isn't here yet. I am in between seasons, my busiest times spiritually, emotionally, and this time ~ physically. I am worn out by dusk. God has given me the wisdom to know how much sleep I need, and when to lay it down. Sure, I can be like the Ms. Perfect, and stay up late to fit everything in, in one day ~ but we were not created to do that!! We need to stop this mayhem that we are creating for ourselves and STOP trying to be more then God created us to be. It's definitely a learning process, and unless you are where I am right now, this blog post so far has made NO sense! That's okay. God will use it for who He needs to touch.

Now... on to the week prior!

1. I had a fantastic first week of school. By Thursday, all the frogs learned how to line up when we wash our hands (which was a BIG feat on Monday), and the simple basic rules that help our day flow smoothly. They are each so precious in their own way, and I am excited about the year to come. As I said, we made BIG strides already, so that simply means we will be able to move forward sooner.

2. My own children had a wonderful first day of school, and have kept that momentum going all week long. They adore their teachers, and have really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things.

3. My oldest started Jr. High, and is now involved in choir (AWW!!!) and will be helping with the yearbook! Two great things to keep her focused and really make some great new friendships.

All in all it was a fabulous first week back for everyone. The kitty (Pumpkin) is even getting back into our routine, and is happy to see everyone in the evenings. Until next time, be blessed and remember to be a blessing too.

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