Friday, August 13, 2010

Measuring your success

How do you measure success? Not just in whatever health journey you may be on, but life in general. I was led to read a chapter on "measuring your success" in Weigh Down last night, well after everyone had gone to bed. Even after *I* had gone to bed. (Thank you Lord, for pursuing me!)

This morning, I see posts on face book and various blogs where we are all beginning to try to figure out how to measure our success without feeling like a failure. For some it may mean kicking the scale to the curb and not worrying about it reading a certain number. For others it is how many minutes they worked out, calories they ate, money in the bank account, friends on their friends list, number of followers on their blogs, whatever "IT" is, we all have ways to  measure our success.

Now, let me propose something new. Why not measure your success the way God does? Honestly, I am not really sure how to do that except for making sure what I measure up to, is outlined in His scripture ~ HIS word, not this world's word. I would like to think the things that bring a pure smile to your day is a fantastic way to measure your success.

For example, here is my list for this morning:
1. The hug and kiss from each of my littles as they tell me good morning.
2. Enjoying a quiet paced Summer morning, knowing there only a very few more of these.
3. A cup of hot coffee with real cream (while I am hungry of course).
4. Knowing that my Lord loves me, and has been pursuing me more then ever before.
5. The feeling of being taken care of.
6. Having a glimpse of that child like faith that I have been lacking for so long.
7. A home that is cozy whether it is hot, cold, or in between.
8. A husband who loves me, and is a wonderful father.
9. Knowing I am walking in the will of my Father for my life, at this very moment.
10. Peace in my heart.

I am honored and overjoyed this morning to be alive, and feeling so well. I can smell that coffee as I wait for the intense feeling of hunger. Right now, I am at that level of ... maybe it is creeping in, but not really. I am still okay with not eating yet. I, for the first time in my life feel successful. I am healthy (inside and out by the Grace of God), and for once I am truly happy. God is moving in my life greater then I have ever experienced it, and I am in LOVE!

So, let me encourage you today, to look for your list of how you measure success. What brings a true smile to your face? What makes your heart sing like a dove? I can guarantee it isn't something that can be measured in a number on the scale, in how many calories you did or didn't eat, how many minutes you pounded out at the gym, what your bank account balance is, your latest promotion or raise, even if your child got accepted into one of the greatest schools in the nation. IF it is.. you need to dig a bit deeper within you, and seek how the Father shows you your success!

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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  1. Excellent post Sis!!! I too often measure my success by what the scale says or if I've completed my "to do list". I think I'll use the following to measure my success: At the end of the day did I 1) love God? 2) love others? If I can answer yes to both...then I've had a good day. Love you!!


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