Thursday, August 5, 2010

One post at a time Sweet Jesus!

Before I begin into what I wanted to share with you today, I have a praise report! I started my "freedom journey"(July 27, 2010) to having health God's weigh (play on words, corny but I love it) back at 157 pounds. Not too shabby I know, but not where God wants me ~ this I know for sure. This morning my weight is at 154. It seems as if I am losing 1/2 about every couple of days, and that is at a good steady and healthy rate. Am I starving myself? No. Am I pining over food selections? No. I eat what I want, but smaller portions then one might would consider "normal", because in this nation (United States of America) we have been taught that abundance is good. Honestly, I am realizing that I was living in excess. Lots of excess. Even when I was low carbing. I now understand that me just saying I was a "bulk" eater, was a crock and a lie straight out of the mouth of the Father of lies.

I went walking yesterday, because I felt led to! I get a really good burst lately about mid morning, which is on the contrary to what most people experience. It will definitely come in handy during the school year! I love exercising in way that is not putting me in bondage or out of fear of needing to be in control. There is a local park near us that is about a 1/2 mile away. I walked one day last week, when I saw my confirmation in the clouds, and the kids truly enjoy going. I walked 2 miles on the track, while the children played. Mind you, we are in a pretty wild heat wave (even for Texas) like most of the nation right now, with heat indexes easily at 100 (that was at 10:30am). But God provided the strength and mobility to move and to want to keep moving. The kids were hot and thirsty and well... for a bit there very full of complaints. It was a great time to remind them how fortunate we are because we had cold water, and a cold house waiting on our return. We also had shoes on that protected out feet from the extra hot pavement. We are healthy, and able to use the muscles and joints that God gave us in a way that brings health to our body. Overall I walked 3 miles. NICE!! It felt wonderful. We enjoyed a pretty laid back summer day the rest of the day.

What I am finding is that I am wanting more out of my day. I am wanting to clean, and to spend time in the Word. I am wanting to share His goodness. I am calling out to those who I have abandoned for a long time (mama, and some friends) in the name of "becoming healthy". I want to share this freedom I have with everyone, and anyone who will listen because it just speaks of God and the whole purpose of why He put His son on this earth for us! I was reading a few blogs and I had to stop to pray that they may find the freedom that I have truly found ~ because what I read was discouragement, bondage, and the actuality of seeing others make those choices to seek such a life. I was there. Too often I was there. IN ways I don't even want to share because it embarrasses me to know that my actions spoke one thing while I tried to share of His goodness. My life was not showing it, because He wasnt' in control ~ I was.

I am asking God to help me share my story in a way that can bring freedom to so many out there who are believing the lies that are told to us by people with a title. Guess what! I have a title too! I am a daughter of the King~ A royal princess and I want the same ability to be able to share His goodness and how He freed me to help others. I feel right now... this is where and how. One post at a time.

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