Monday, August 9, 2010

A special little moment

I am beyond blessed today. As my I am writing my last parenting post for Our Seven Sisters (I will still be writing the inspirational) I knew I wanted it to be special. I sat down at the computer yesterday to try to write it ahead of time but I just couldn't. Now, looking back it was like God was saying "Just wait! I have something to bless you with.". I am glad I did wait.

This little boy is a precious jewel! See, today we went to do our daily walk at a neighborhood park. We went early because man oh man is it hot out there!! Well, this little park has a marked track. Each lap is 1/4 a mile, and I was determined to walk that track a minimum of 8 laps. I am aiming for 12, but today was NOT that day. Anyway, under a gazebo is two picnic tables and they sat and ate their breakfast while I began my walking before they would go to the playground to play. As I inched closer each lap, this precious little boy would run over, grab my water bottle and wait until I got to him. He would give me a kiss, let me have a drink and he would put the water bottle back.

A few laps the kids walked with me. Overall, I consider it a fantastic start to our day. To our week. I am overjoyed to be a mom of three. ONE precious daughter who I am loving to hang out with more and more. As she is getting older and my parenting is changing a bit  and we are able to go just be girls which I am loving. Those were special times for me growing up, and I am getting the feeling that me the princess are going to enjoy it as well. The boys! Now the boys are something else. They have some love ~ and are already taking steps to take care of their momma. I am loving that!! It isn't something I taught them, but maybe things they picked up from their daddy? I don't know. Whatever inspired it I thank God for it!

I love being a mom. It is one of the hardest things I do every single day, yet it is one of the most rewarding.

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