Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Goodness! *Recipe included*

Happy Birthday to my Princess!!  So hard to believe she is now 11, and in a week and a half will officially be a Jr. Higher. I am so honored and blessed to be her momma! (She has always been called my "minime" because, well we resemble each other quite a bit!

Death By Chocolate
1 pkg of brownies prepared

1 large box of chooclate pudding prepared
1 container of whipped cream (whipped w/ cocoa powder and some sugar)
4 Snicker bars
It's not a science. Just layer it and let set in fridge for a few hours before serving. YUMMY!

This was birthday girls wish for her dessert rather then a birthday cake. (Served with ice cream~ OH MY! Feel a cavity yet?)

That was the least I could do, and honestly, I am glad she is moving more into wanting home cooked meals and desserts for her special days. She helpe dme make today's death by chocolate (without added choc chips as pictured).


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