Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vivid Dreams

I have been having these vivid dreams, and I know God is behind it! LOL I feel so encouraged, and I have to share last night's with you. It will seem vain, but between me and God, it means something big!

I was shopping, and saw some maroon jeans I wanted to try. They were very vivid in their color and I remember feeling them and they being of a soft feeling denim. I decided to go to the dressing room, and ran into one of my choir peeps and their children. I got into the dressing room and tried on the first pair. A size 4. ( When I picked the jeans to try I was excited because there was a 2, and rarely do I find a 2 to at least "try" on.) Well, I was putting them on and they felt so big. I took them off. The inside tag was a 16. I thougth WHAT!? No way are these 2' sgoing to fit. Then BAM... it wasn't a pair of maroon jeans that I had in a size 2 but a beautiful Red skirt. And.... it fit beautifully.

That was another promise by God, that he is going to give me the body I desire. The body HE designed me to have. In short, I need to continue pushing through and setting any negative thoughts that may come to the wayside, and keep my focus on Him.

I also decided to stop reading "Rise Above", about 2/3rds the way through. I didnt' want anyone's interpretation of scripture anymore, but I did read the other stuff of the last 1/3rd. Now, I am ready to simply focus on HIM, not what he can do by transforming my body ~ it is already h appening. I can feel it, and I can already see it. (Which is odd. I usally am the LAST to see it.) In the mornings, I am re reading "The Power of a Praying Woman", and in the evenings I really feel led to re read (because I never finished it, because I never made time) Beth Moore's Jesus the one and only. For me, it's time to focus on learning all I can about WHO my King is, not just what I know of Him. I am excited!!!

Btw: I am down another 1/2 pound this morning. IT's all HIM!

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