Sunday, September 19, 2010

Before food, and exercise....

I have decided I am going to spend a lot of time in prayer this upcoming week. I haven't gotten in as much lately, and I can feel it. So I have sat down, and written down a few "focal points" that I want to cover in my prayer. I know, it sounds like a  business meeting with me and God, but in a way.... maybe we need to take that approach?!


As I told you on Saturday evening, I am praying BEFORE I even get busy in my busyness of the day. Even before taking care of hubby's needs, my shower, etc. My prayer time will come first. I need His direction in my life, beyond just the quick 2 minute chats here and there throughout the day. Those will continue obviously because in reality that is what gets me through the day most times. BUT my prayer time will become more then just a drive by hello!


Think about it. You have a meeting at work whether it be a pow wow meeting to discuss what's going on in the place of business, or what is coming up or you may have a huge meeting with someone your trying to get their business from. Me? I think we need to plan a 'meeting' with God every single day. Sure I believe in natural prayer, where it is not preplanned, not pre meditated, but... can I tell you how many things I wish I would have prayed for that I simply "forgot" because I got lost in the moment. Sure, I get that we are supposed to have a relationship, and I believe that. But when I get to praying, I can go all over the place, and not feel like I got to where I wanted to be and then out of time and unable to focus because someone else needs my attention (like kids, husband, life). I can tell you I am never late for a staff meeting at work, a parent meeting at school, even a family event. But often, I am late to show up for prayer.


Just as nutritionist will tell you to schedule in a workout (and I think it's a lovely idea), I think before you do that you should schedule in some prayer time with God (in a minimum of 3 a day) and make it a point to never be late. If we can focus on eating when we are hungry, or exercising to move the body, we better be making time for that prayer time above and beyond both of those. I want God to fill me with HIM before I begin to fill me and my day up with anything else. I want to be exercising in my faith, before I am in the body.


I am expecting God to move mightily this week, not only on the scale, since I will fill with Him first, but in every area of my life. I am expecting that I will be able to come back and tell you on Saturday how amazing this week has been. Let me encourage you too, to make it a point to be prayerful this week. Not just the little conversations through the day, but a true meeting with Him, and allow your heart to be opened to His ways raither then just expecting Him to show up simply because He said He would.

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

{prewritten on Saturday 9/18/2010}


  1. Thank you for encouraging me in the area of prayer. Love ya!

  2. enjoyed reading this...very much and it is so true


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