Friday, September 24, 2010

Did you hear me?

"Sheila, I really don't care WHAT you eat! It's the importance and motive, and the fact that either it or the absence of it becomes more important then me." ~ God

I am putting too much importance on trying to NOT be so focused on what foods I am eating that I realize I am still becoming OBSESSED with following someone's rules.

I am a low carber at heart, and I long to be back there. It helped me with my sugar addiction, which is being fed left and right by leaving my choices to my OWN choices. I can't deny that anymore. Sugar is NOT good for me, and I need to move forward and realize that everything in moderation is good. Sugar every day is NOT good. I do not feel good. I KNOW that. Thanks for being patient with me as I figure this out.

Starting tomorrow I am going sugar free for the next month. I have to do this for me. Not to make you follow me, but for me. I have to and I will. I am committing to myself, to God, to you. And I feel that God truly spoke to me as I quoted at the beginning of this post. It doesn't matter what you eat, when you eat, or even how you eat. GOD doesn't care. Just don't be a glutton. Don't put food or lack thereof in God's place.

I feel like I finally "got it". I realize it's okay to tell ourselves NO, and I need that NO right now in my life.

Love in Christ, Mrs. Sheila “He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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