Friday, September 10, 2010


Last night I had a break through in my delima, where I was hurting but didn't know it. I paused before reading, and took time to jot down the feelings I was having, because well... it was just blog worthy.

I need God to be the God of my life... not just in the areas where I struggle.

I need God to be in my :
*Classroom/lesson plans
*House blessings
*Choices of food & drink as well as the quantity
*How every second of my day is spent

I realize that since school has started and we have sorta found a routine again, it all becomes very day to day. I find myself feeling trapped by the day to day even though it isn't always the same.I am here to declare today a new day in the Lord. And as any new day begins, it will begin with a SONRISE like no other. When the sun rises in the east the Son will continue to rise in my heart.

I want every part of my life to speak of his goodness, all of it ~ not just a bit of it. When things go good in one or two areas of my life, it seems my focus goes to something that's not so good and then it feels like all is gone awry.

The best part is it pulls me closer to Him!  In times when I would have ran to a friend, whether it be an online friend or in person, I now first run to God! I am ready to let go of all the little things in my day that I hold onto.

God, I release all of my day to you. I give you every single peice of who I am today, right this very moment. I accept every blessing, every challenge with complete faith that it is because you love me. I pray that You Oh Lord of heaven and earth will strongly impress upon me what you desire for me, and that it is so strong that I can't help but accept it and honor your every request with a willing and joyful heart. ~ AMEN!

Today, I truly feel I am eating as He is calling me to. I am thankful for things like "dunkin sticks", coffee, yogurt, granola bars, homemade taco soup that has cooked all day in the crockpot (and was ready to be eaten at 3:30 even though it wasn't the "dinner" hour), tortilla chips, cheese, and sourcream! He has filled me first, then called me to eat ONLY when I was hungry! I am about to go for a much needed walk in some fresh air, and then back home to start the weekend off right! May God bless you all!

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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