Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Intention without action is just wishing.

Let's get to the UNIMPORTANT part of this post before I leave you something to ponder and chew on.

Food Journal 9/22/2010

Coffee: 2 cups coffee 1 TBS creamer, 1 packet of Splenda each (5:30 am)

Breakfast: 2 Cherry Poptarts (6:40 am)

Lunch: 1 slice of pizza, lemon creme yogurt (11:45 am)

Dinner: 2 slices of pizza, 1 cosmic brownie, 1/4 cup of Scarecrow mix (4:40 pm)

 I pretty much have my food planned out for tomorrow and am looking forward to each meal. :)

Now... how often do you weigh yourself on the scale? I haven't been letting go of the scale, and I keep telling myself that I need to continue weighing so I can "keep myself" on track. Well.. isn't that part of controlling? I am returning back to weighing ONLY on the 1st of each month. I want to just trust, and know that this is the way, and not have to "See" it to know it, but instead to have faith in it. I dont want to think I am "bad" because my body holds more water on one day then another. I don't want to think I am "good" simply because I actually had a good "bm". The scale is really a joke, if you ONLY use it to measure success.

Turning away from food because I am no longer hungry is a bigger victory to me then weighing a certain number. Turning to God when I am sad/lonely instead of a bowl of ice cream or chips, is victory to me. Seeking fellowship through people instead of cake, pudding, is victory to me. God is good! HE is the one who deserves the praise, NOT the number on the scale!!! HE is the one who deserves my devotion NOT the scale every single morning, and before bed.

 Each time I stand on that scale for personal validation I am saying "God... I can't believe you would reward ME again". Where's the faith?!

I talked to one of my own "skinny" examples, and here is what I discovered about her:
  • On work days she eats breakfast before she leaves for work, but only because she knows it will be a while before she can eat again. (Like four to five hours).
  • On days off, she doesn't eat breakfast at all. She only has her coffee. But she enjoys a light lunch, and a calorie full dinner.
  • On Sundays, she eats a large meal for lunch after church, and if she eats anything for supper, it's popcorn or crackers.
  • She doesn't focus on exercise, until she begins to feel some aches and pains from non movement.
  • She doesn't watch tv in the mornings, or do anything but spend time in prayer, devotion, and then begins doing a few things around her house before work.
  • She doesn't turn her tv on period until after 7:00.
  • She naps in the afternoon after work (she doesn't have children, well she does but they are grown and out of the house.).
  • She likes a variety of food, but doesn't like to eat BIG meals. She would rather graze then overeat.
  • She never weighs herself at home. She doesn't even own a scale!! She weighs in at the Dr's office.

Who knew?! I am slowly getting there just like she is, except for the TV part. UGH! I have such a draw to the computer in the morning before work. I am honestly wanting to change it, but intention without action is just wishing. I am tired of wishing, and am ready to move forward with making these changes because they are truly a change of the heart.
Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30


  1. Wow!! Great post! Thanks for sharing. Love ya! I still need to watch the video...heading to do it now :)

  2. Thanks Paula! That focus up minute, gave me renewed strength and hope. I pray that it blesses you too.


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