Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IT's a new day!

Good morning friends! Can I tell you that I woke up really excited? Well, even if i can't this is my blog so I am going to tell you anyway! Ha! I woke up very excited, because I feel like I am going to take back control of something I let go of. Now.... maybe I need to rephrase that. When I mean "take back control" I don't mean from God. I mean from myself. My flesh. And having self control is a fruit of the spirit we are all to have. Usually the things we need "self control" on , are not easy, and not things we want to use self control on. For me.. it is my food choices.

As I stated yesterday, I am returning more to a lower carb lifestyle. Portions are not a big thing for me on low carb anyway, so that wasn't my problem. My problem was my battle with wanting what I said I couldn't have. It became an unhealthy habit of binge/purge (through laxatives)and then cycle through guilt over the entire issue until those cravings became too strong and I binged again. I truly was becoming a bulemic. Now? I will most likely ease up one day a week (maybe even the whole weekend) and those times when I do eat higher carb foods, I have to keep the portions really small so that I don't feel the negative effects of them on my body. Will I lose weight? I don't know but I would have better balance then I do right now. Right now, I feel like I am living on tons of processed foods.

Over the night, I sneezed and became all snotty. At the preschool there are tons of things going around from a tummy bug to strep throat, to colds, etc. I woke up feeling snotty, with a headache. I was just down for two weeks with what I thought was allergies, but who knows. I do know when I am faithful to reducing my carbs to a low level, my immune system is not challenged like it is right now. All things are lawful for me ( through Christ Jesus) but it doesn't mean I should live on them. And lately, I will be honest and say I have been LIVING on them.

I am still living under the basic principles of listening to my body as God designed it, with hunger and fullness, but I am making wiser choices on my food selections. I don't like being sick. I dont' like NOT having energy, and all this processed food has me feeling both. Back to finding my complete health.So, if your wondering, I am NOT leaving my "healthy god's weigh" blog, I am just going to live a healthy (for me) lifestyle, that I truly feel God leading me back to. I am not new to low carbing, I had to just let go of it , so I could learn to live without the obsession, for a few weeks (almost 2 months).

I am ready to get rid of :
1. Food intolerances to foods (Because it is on foods I usually do not eat)
2. gas
3. lack of energy
4. puffy feeling when I am walking (increase in water retention)

If you will support me in this change I would appreciate it. If you don't, then that' okay too, because I know in my heart this is right.

I will NOT FEEL GUILTY (which often results into my binge/purge cycle) when:
1. I choose to eat breakfast with my choir peeps and I end up eating a donut. (I will eat within my hunger/fullness cues and it will be okay.)
2. My husband wants to eat out at a resteraunt that is not condusive to lower carb choices. ( I will eat within my hunger/fullness cues and it will be okay.)
3. Special occasion that isn't that special but includes foods I love but dont' often eat. (I will eat within my hunger/fullness cues and it will be okay.)

IF I can have the freedom to eat what I want and still lose weight eating between my  hunger/fullness cues, I will enjoy the freedom to eat lower carb foods the majority of the time. THEY make me feel wonderful! If I have something off, but it is still within those cues, its okay too!

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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  1. Thank you Sheils, for this post. I so needed to hear again about gaining the victory over our flesh. My prayers are with you, sister.
    Love in Christ, Pat


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