Thursday, September 16, 2010

Never Let Go

See, God never let's go of us, even when we act like a three year old (most of my reference to our child like behavior is because I am surrounded by sixteen of these little guys every single day during the week ~ they give me lots of revelation) and jerk our hand away from his and take off in the opposite direction. I think if we were to be honest, we would realize that we often either blame God for our own disobedience, or in the least we decide to give him the glory for our own wacked out crazy ideas. LOL . I know I am NOT alone in this!

The good thing is, God just stands there, waiting for us to realize we were in the best hands possible, being led by the leader of all time! All my talk of low carb eating, was MY WAY of taking back control of MY life. Yes, away from Him. Shame on me!

Were you sitting there waiting for me to come to this on my own? I am glad. I am ashamed. Yes, I do need to make better food choices, and if I would listen to my body it would be saying "Sheila, dont' pick pop tarts everyday. Enjoy waiting until the kid's snack time at school and enjoy 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich. OR... fruit. or... yeah. " I think that is where God was leading me ~ to simply "grow up" and stop being afraid of Him, or the way He created my body. That it is okay if i am NOT hungry at 6:00am... that it is okay to simply wait until I am hungry or wait until I can get a chance to get a bite ~ even if it is small. It's okay if I want to get little 200 calorie meals several times a day, and yes.... it's okay to eat meat and cheese or no bread or what have you. BUT STOP putting a label on things !STOP saying your cutting this or that, because well ~ do you not feel trusting? Honestly, I did, but I dont' know what happened. Yes I was severely fatigued and should get better food choices in me, but it isn't the whole thing. Was I praying for God to sustain me when I was exhausted? NOPE. But I needed to. I see that now. It isnt' food or food choices that are going to help me. I need to stop relying on myself for anything ~ and instead give it all to Him.

*sigh* Will I come to the place where I fully trust him? I sure hope so. Because, I am not very trustworthy.

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

Ps. I know this is the second post of the day. If you missed the other one... just scroll down a bit (or click "older")

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  1. :) YAY! Love this post, so happy for you. Since those Weigh Down youtube videos (haven't looked for the book yet... wonder if it's at Koorong, our Christian bookstore here) I've realised that "Balance" can mean a balanced week, not specifically a balanced meal. One of the first cravings I got after watching the WDD clips was eggs. I made myself an egg salad sandwich (with hard boiled eggs) and I realised that I may need to re-think the whole balance thing. I have strived in the past for balanced meals. While that is very good, it is OK not to be perfect in this, if my body isn't calling for it. And the GOOD NEWS is I found a peace, a FREEDOM in this. I love how Christ wants such a wonderful FREEDOM in life, in family, in, ahem, FOOD. Don't worry about what you wear, eat, etc. If god clothes the flowers so beautifully, and the birds always eat plenty, how much more will we be given... totally paraphrased, I know - I should memorise more! I know ;) Work in Progress. LOVE YA SHEILA!


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