Saturday, September 18, 2010

NO MORE Excuses!


That's right! Stop making excuses to why you can't just live the simple way of living. The way God created you to be. No more Mrs. Nice Guy (or gal)! If you choose to live in bondage, then just say it! Say the words! In case you are not sure what to say, it would go something like this "I (your name here), CANNOT seem to have faith in the God who created me to let go of my selfish existence. I have to always have control of things and make sure I "know" what the outcome will be, no matter what I gain or lose in the process". There, was that easy?

What?! You didn't like that? Oh I am sorry. I didnt' like it either when I realized that in fact, each time I try to do things *MY* way, even in the name of "God is leading me ", all I am really doing is hiding the fact that I don't have enough faith in Him whom has come to set me free. Why oh why do I want to stay in the prison that I can so easily walk out of? (Well, not right this minute, but it is there ~ the desire. I know this will be the biggest battle until I finish working it out.) Well, guess what? It's time to give up the excuses and at least call it what it is.
I have decided there are some things I am going to be changing in my day to day life, that isn't very fruitful for a life that is searching for more.

My morning ritual has been (for years) to get my husband off to work and sit down at the computer with my cup of coffee and catch up on blogs/face book/message forums etc. No longer. Here is what I am changing, and why.

1. I want that very first place I go to in the morning, is to be in the presence of God. Not the presence of AOL! As much as I love to blog in the morning, and as much as I love reading yours, it will NOT come before some private time with the Lord. And it has. I have yet to let go. I. Am. Not. Where. I. Need. To. Be.

2. I am switching up from drinking my coffee in the morning to the afternoon. I want to instead start my day off with some nice cool pure water. As we sleep our bodies spend a lot of time working to get rid of toxins and things that our bodies no longer need (including fat cells) and I want to aid my body in flushing those things out. I love water actually, and I want to start my day off with something natural and good for me! The coffee will be a good pick me up after school as I transition into my house blessings, homework duty, etc. I want to take a moment between the time I leave school, and the time I pick up the twins, to read some of God's word, and sip a warm cup of coffee. Coming up on Autumn, it will be a warm treat perfect for tiding me over till dinner. (I also have a feeling it may be messing with my appetite signals in the morning.)

3. I will take time in the evenings for things like blogging, face booking after the home life has been tended to. It may become a way to allow me to stay a wake longer in the evenings between the time the kids go to bed, to when my husband goes to bed. For too many weeks, I went to sleep right after the kids did. I. Need. Time. With. Just. My. Husband!

What do you make excuses for? Do you even know your making them? I am challenging myself to 30 days of NO EXCUSES! If I don't want to do something, I will simply say I dont' want to do it, not make up an excuse. I challenge YOU to do the same!

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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  1. Great goals!! I too was convicted about how I would run to the computer first thing in the morning. Now I do my best to turn to Him first thing. I desire for God to be first place in all areas of my life.


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