Friday, September 3, 2010

True Hunger

As we wait for our hunger cues, we wait... expectantly. Sometimes we have big plans for our next meal, sometimes we have no clue. We just know we are waiting to feel that hunger feeling. Today, I am hungry but not for food. I am more hungry for Him, and for the life He promises. It's funny. This morning I woke up and was getting into the shower when I could feel a light rumble beginning in  my tummy. I first thought "wow" already? But then realized I do well if I eat early ~ undistracted, unhurried. By the time I got out of the shower, I smelled the lingering smell of coffee awaiting me. I kinda wracked my brain to see what it was I wanted for breakfast, and sliced me some banana bread and smeared it with peanut butter. With my coffee that would just be divine. I took a bite, and the bread had a dry crumble feel in my mouth. Even with coffee, it wasn't pleasant. So I tried with one more bite, and nah .... wasn't right. Wasn't what I wanted. I want something more satisfying. But not right now. Right now, I simply just wanted my morning coffee. IT was what brought me pleasure and fullness.

Sometimes when we are doing things in our day to day existence, it is like that crumbly banana bread.  It just isn't right, and we need to go ahead and dis guard of that and wait for something better to come along. I am not following as many blogs and websites as I used to, and with my husband working nights these few nights, I tried to find pleasure in some time online. It just didn't happen. I have learned that when I am "hungry" I need to search out for what will really satisfy me first, rather then wasting time on things that do not satisfy. I never thought that I would come to this point with my online addictions, but yay!

I am looking forward to some time this weekend to simply sit in the presence of God. Don't get me wrong, I seek Him and communicate  with Him daily, but we haven't gotten a lot of time together. I am ready for some time to "catch up". Yesterday my online prayer was because I simply couldn't focus and stay on track in prayer, so I needed a place to write it out, and then he sent me here to do just that. I made the mistake and turned the TV on last night. Nothing was on but I watched Snapped. UGH! Needless to say I just didn't sleep very well. Another lesson learned.

This weekend we may have one or two family gatherings to attend on Saturday. What we do, will depend on if my husband is working nights still or not. Poor guy. I am honored and blessed that my husband works so hard, but I imagine how hard it must be to be at work at night, knowing your family is home. When he is home, we are all gone. ~ Frown  ~ But with us out of the house he probably gets more rest then if we were all here. Sunday is obviously church, and Monday, I think we are going to simply just be. That will be enjoyable. I do plan on doing some blogging and working on a new page or two, and some page elements. So if things look quirky around here, please forgive my dust. One thing is certain. I will always be waiting for that true hunger, and then when I recieve the cues, I will fill up on God first and then on the best foods available.

Love in Christ,
 Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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