Thursday, September 9, 2010

An uneasy day

For the first time in this journey I am really strugglng. HARD! With what? With the thoughts that maybe I need to go back to my "old ways". Why? Because I am so tired and exhausted. I don't have alot of energy. Where did it go? Then.. I stop to think, "hey! Wait a minute...."

1. I have been taking allergy meds for over a week straight now. Sure, they help me sleep well, but I wake up groggy and so unlike myself.

2. It is Thursday ~ three long days down (we were out Monday obviously), one more to go. Dont' I always feel this exhausted on Thursday? Yes

3. I am emotionally worn out. I shared on facebook, but not here that my sister in law underwent brain surgery today, I think that stayed in the back of my head most of the day.

4. I ate a snack .... realizing I probably have only had about 500 calories all day ~ from 4:30 am to now at 4:00 pm. When I this tired (and cannot take a nap), I don't think I hear/feel my hunger cues very well.

I am blogging this because I wanted to document every part of this journey even the ugly parts. :) I am not giving in, because I personally feel like I am on the edge of breakthrough somehwere. I can feel it. I want to walk, but it will be a struggle to just get through today. Hopefuly tomorrow. (I will be leaving dinner cooking throughout the day in the crockpot, so one less thing to do. Also, I will do laundry on Sat, so really it leaves the afternoon free! A walk is DEFINATELY in my future tomorrow! Maybe even a splurge for breakfast at Starbucks! Stopping at fullness of course.


Here aer some things revealed to me:
1. I am trying to do too much on my own.
2. I haven't been stopping to ask God into EVERY single meal.
3. *sigh* I am not as far as I thought i was.

I am humbled beyond words.

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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  1. Keep your chin up and your eyes Heaven-ward! If I forget to pick my Bible up and read first thing in the morning, that's usually the day I stumble. Keep praying, God is good, He will stregnthen you! He will guide you and comfort you. ♥


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