Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A heavy duty gift

What I am going to share today is not really 100% weight loss related, though I guess it could be. What I am going to share is partially from the Thin Within book (Chapter 3 : Going for Godly Goals) as well as a few sermon notes that I took at church this past Sunday. As amazing as it sounds, the two are totally related, and I know it is a way that God is trying to speak to me in my personal life.

God created us for His glory. He wants our lives to reflect His joy, love, grace, and compassion so that people will recognize Him in our countenance. (Thin Within pg 27)
And I love the example that was given!
What is a flashlight designed to do? Shine, of course and when it is doing that for which it was designed, it does it well and effortlessly. Now imagine the flashlight has feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It decides it doesn't want to do that for which it was created; it decides that it would rather be a hammer. But after pounding a few nails next to a real hammer how will the flashlight feel? Inadequate, ineffective, and beat-up, and eventually will even fail to shine.  (pg 27-28 Thin Within)
Wowzers! Have you ever tried to be something your not and feel the failure? I can't tell you  how many times I have. The harder I would try, the worse it would be. OH my the heartbreaks I could have saved myself.

You can choose to shine. And as you shine you will experience joy, freedom, rest, and peace. (Thin Within pg 27)When we shine for him, we reflect God's love. (Thin within pg 27)

My deepest desire is to live a life that does bring others closer to Him, simply by sharing my life. BUT.. where is the gift in that? Am I supposed to be writing (like I have a deep desire) or am I supposed to be doing something else? Is the writing desire "MY" dream, or a gift that God put within me?

And here are some sermon notes.

Scripture reading : 1 Tim 4:12-16, 2 Tim 1:6

1. YOU are called to discover your gift. (Your gift ignites your passion)
a. Don't despise it
b. Don't underestimate it's potential.
c. Don't use it all on you.
d. Don't try to be what your not.

2. Develop your gift

3. Dedicate your gift to God's glory.

4. You are called to distribute it and release it.

What purpose do you live for? Will your life count as your living it right this minute?

YOU cannot live anyway you want, and your gift be used to it's full potential. You are not just sharing your gift, your sharing you. The gift becomes you.

So you see.... I am supposed to be figuring out my gift. Does anyone else struggle with this? I mean I know the whole "effortless" clue for me is teaching preschool. I come by it very honestly, and effortlessly. It just happens. I am living in that, working in it but I feel like I am more then just a preschool teacher. While I love it, and love every bit about it, I don't think that it is ALL I am created for. I have a deep seeded desire to write, to inspire, to share God's word in a way that is life impacting, but ... is that just me and every christian woman's desire and normal, or is that supposed to be nurtured, and used? Is my blogging enough? Can I really make it as a writer? I am full of all these questions, and I just don't feel the answers coming to me so quickly.

If your keeping up with  my Thin Within reading, I am still ONLY on day 3. I dont' want to move forward until I feel clarity, and I don't feel that. I am just NOT sure! ~ Smile ~ I am not clear on what God wants for me size wise/ weight wise and if it should really be any concern of mine at this very moment. I am not sure about the whole "using my gifts" and what gifts I am supposed to be developing right now. I don't want to be hammer, if I am supposed to be a flashlight.

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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