Monday, October 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ 10/11/2010

I haven't participated in a Menu Plan Monday for quite some time. I always LOVE menu planning, and think as a proverbial woman it is very wise.I don't do well time or money wise when I have to go to the grocery store several times in a week. I am only going to list breakfasts and dinners because Monday through Friday we are usually at school (kids and I) and hubby takes leftovers.  So, after you check out what will be cooking in the King house, stop by Laura's blog and see what others are planning to cook this week.

Monday ~ Sausage, Biscuits, eggs
Tuesday ~ Pancakes, fruit
Wedneday ~ Pumpkin Bread and milk
Thursday ~ Waffles and Scrambled eggs
Friday ~  Eggs, bacon, cheese sammie
Saturday ~  Breakfast tacos, coffee cake
Sunday ~  Kolaches, fruit

Monday ~ Roasted Chicken, twiced baked potatoes, corn on the cob, side salad
Tuesday ~  Pinto Beans, Rice, Cornbread
Wednesday~ Creamy spinach & chicken enchiladas, beans, rice
Thursday~ Apple glazed pork tenderloin w/ a large garden salad, stuffing
Friday ~ Stroganoff meatballs over egg noodles, steamed broccoli, garlic bread
Saturday ~ BLT's, chips
Sunday ~  Chicken & Dumplings

Now for those of you following *my personal* health journey, I can tell you that my breakfasts this week will be oatmeal w/ peanut butter and maybe a yogurt, and lunch will be either a small portion of leftovers or some raw veggies and fruit.  I will have a small portion of the dinner listed. :) Simple as that!


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