Thursday, October 14, 2010

One more Idol bites the dust!

As pondering my own thoughts yesterday, I am still at a loss for words! Crazy i know, so I am going to continue to ponder and research. See, I don't just want to be thankful for how *I* see my body but I want to KNOW WHAT GOD SAYS too! :) So, I will post that tomorrow!

Today I wanted to share something with you that I have been ready to do for a while now, yet it is so scary to say this , especially to a lot of those who are so focused on losing weight. But, here goes!

I AM NO LONGER BOWING DOWN TO THE SCALE! The scale is no longer a God to me, not really even a tool. I have no desire to even KNOW the number I weigh, because to me that doesn't measure true success. In fact, recently it seems to hold me back. I am so focused on seeing that number move that I am willing to abandon what God has called me to as a lifestyle for my eating. I would be so willing to see that scale move, that it would hinder some social events more then I like to admit. I am a selfish being. I am learning self control ~ but not because of what the scale tells me. I can feel things, I can see it. I don't need a scale to tell me I am losing weight. I also don't need to tell me I am gaining weight.

I know the scale is a tool, and it is a useful tool. BUT it doesn't measure your success, only your progress. And no this isn't a scale rant because I stepped on to it to see a number I didn't like. On the contrary. It comes because I have to keep my focus on Him, and this journey of mine. I need to see a successful day for me is eating well, and in portions that are good for my body, that I moved it and enjoyed that movement, and that I took care of my temple. NO rules ~ at least not man made. I have always been one of those "out of the box thinkers" so for me to accept God's truth in this way of living is easier for me. My clothes tell the truth. What I see in the mirror tells me the truth.

I am long, lean, and healthy (even though I am only 5' 4").  And I like it that way. NOW I am pushing harder and harder to get my mind just as healthy. Relying on a peice of equipment to tell me I had a good day is just like waiting on a GPS to tell me I am a good driver! LOL The scale (or GPS) does not see the full picture!

So, for me there is going to be a few changes around this blog. I will tell you the amount of pounds of I have lost (in the side bar) but I am removing NUMBERS! Why? Because they are relative.They only apply to me, and we begin to compare numbers and think that maybe ours' isn't good enough, or even that maybe someone else could do better. God made us so individually and different from one another. I want to be an encouragement ~ not a discouragement! I will also not be making a big deal if the scale moves down into my "goal" wieght that I have set for myself. Like I said, I am trying to remove my obession to the scale, and am simply putting mine away. I may weigh in on December 31st but NOT before that. Maybe not even then.

I will not be talking about numbers in the way I have in the past. They do not reflect my true success, nor my passion anymore. Health is not a number! Vanity might be (and I am being honest here with myself ~ not trying to upset anyone), but health is not a number. Taking your BMI and comparing it to some said chart (as if we are truly all made like playdough cutouts) is NOT fair to you, nor to someone who is really overweight, even at a "healthy" number.

So, bye bye scale! I will not be your slave anymore. And .. I will be praying for my friends to soon find the same freedom from your habitual hold that you have on so many. YOU degrade us, and do not encourage us through the difficult times when our bodies are just recovering or getting sick, or dealing with internal stress, or what ever might be.

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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  1. "BUT it doesn't measure your success, only your progress."....amen!! That's why I weigh myself. There were times in my weight loss journey when I didn't weigh and during those times I gained weight. I don't allow the scale to dictate my mood for the day, just to track my progress. I see the scale much like the laws of God. We can't fully keep the laws, but the laws are there to show us we need God and we should strive to be holy as He is Holy. Grace didn't come to do away with the no means...but so Grace may abound. Does that make sense? I won't be offended if you choose not to read my blog since you seem to believe weighing is a habitual hold...maybe so, but so is eating and watching certain television programs and challenges. Love ya!


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