Saturday, October 16, 2010

The pendulum shifts

A week or so ago I began getting this weird "overly quiet' feeling about me. I was feeling strange, and yet unsettled for some reason. I made the decision on Friday that I was returning to a lower carb lifestyle on Saturday, today. I am honored to say that I have withheld to that today. I did have a slip, but it was a LOT less then it has been lately. I had some "scarecrow mix" left, and it got the best of me today. I don't feel guilty though. I just know that now that it is gone, I am not bringing the fixings for it in the house again. I am not going to be looking for candy, or even things (substitutes) to "get me by". I am ready to move forward. I am not weighing in however until October 31, 2010. I see this as a progress thing, not a fail or pass kind of thing. I think the last three months have been a healing time for me; emotionally, physically, mentally. IN a way though, I have done some damage to my body and found that I was quite hungry today. I ate small portions, and often, but not enough and that is where I hit the wall with the scarecrow mix. It's one of those observe and correct moments. I observed, and I know how to correct it. Consider it done!

I am going to be grilling some meats this week, and really spending some time cooking foods that I enjoy. My family will be eating alot of what I do this time around, because when I went to the grocery store, I did not buy extra foods for them. I may allow them to buy lunch at school this week, so that they do get some carbs (good or not) into their system so they do not have withdrawls. Eventually they will be able to move to non processed things like myself.

My latest delima is if I want to return to the gym. I do, but not sure if it can work into my day. I can make it work, however, it is changing the entire family's schedule and such. I have gotten some great suggestions, but my biggest thing is childcare. Hubby's work hours do not always allow for me to go at a time when he is home to take care of the kids, and the kids do not always understand mom needs time alone to workout. I am trying to currently involve them, and it has been "okay" but it doesn't FEEL like exercise. Maybe that is a good thing. Anway, it will all work out (no punn intended).


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  1. It has been a healing for all of us...I am so glad you found peace with this decision. I prayfully want to eat well for life...I feel led to and know my body needs me to eat lots of veggies and fruit and avoid the "white" foods. Love ya!


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