Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday

I logged on this morning before the kids woke up so I can share what's going on in my head and scroll through just the headlines of the blogs I follow. I see so many struggling with food temptations and burdens of not getting enough exercise. Well, mine is a bit different. LOL Let me explain.

Since stocking up on loads of fresh veggies and fruits, I have been eating much "cleaner" and have been happier (read as not guilty) with my food choices. But guess what?! I have gained FOUR pounds since Saturday! LOL I am not overeating, but I have added lots more activity. Running combined with walking. (Walk 1 minute, run 1 minute and repeat) *Sigh* I am not giving up! But is that gain because *I* AM in control, or is it because my body is holding on to water not knowing what is going on (yet again).

I truly enjoy eating raw veggies w/ Ranch dressing for lunch. Even if I wasn't trying to shed and slim down those last 10 to 15 pounds, I would eat them. I LOVE THEM! I LOVE grapes, strawberries, bananas too. But am I eating on "hunger/fullness" and are my portions still too large? I dont' know. I can't honestly say yes or no. I would like to say yes to both questions, but honestly, I don't know. I was telling my husband that here I am running/walking and eating fruits and veggies instead of m&m's and junk food and I end up gaining. I also made the comment maybe I should just go back to eating M&M's for lunch LOL. (not that I have done that, but ... hey! )

So, now I gotta just pray, turn it back over to God and allow Him to show these things to me, because I am confused and honestly a bit angry! I apologize now to my team if I have a gain the very first week, when the day after the challenge started I was already down 1 pound. Nothing fits yucky, so that is good, but yes I LOVE my scale and the input it gives me. Maybe I am not expending as many calories as I thought or maybe my portions are too large. Maybe I need to cut back yet even more.

Lord, I thank you for fantastic inventions like the scale. While alot of people do not like it, and it effects their day, you have taught me to use it as a tool ~ something to show me what is going on so that I can figure out what is going on INSIDE my body that is changing the outside one way or another. Lord, am I greedy and eating too many good foods at one sitting simply because they are low calorie foods? Father, show me. Show me what I am doing that is not working. Father make these hunger and fullness cues soooo strong that I can't miss them. I also ask that I can listen to what types of foods my body wants and not give it what I think it needs because it is labeled "healthy" in some one's eyes. I feel like I am starting over, yet again. Why do I take over control when things are going well, and I can feel you changing me so quickly yet it 's like I throw it away. ~ I just wanna be who you created me to be! I want to be a life changer, a world changer! I truly believe there are times you have called me to become like David, and each of those times You have helped me increase my courage and strength. Well, now I have another time I need to be like David! NOW! Help me Lord!
In Jesus Name,


Here's to a "terrific Tuesday!". OH guess what?! I now have every other Friday off! THAT is so cool! I am thankful, and ready to embrace that time especially this time of year. I was wondering how I was going to get the little things of Christmas shopping done with three kids under foot and trying to get other things done every single Saturday. :) God answered that concern before I even answered!

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30


  1. I am up too but think it's monthly related. We will do this. I'm with you on turning it over to God. I don't know what it is, but this "time of the month", the last day or two, I've been sooo hungry.

  2. One thought. If you are eating ranch dressing with your veggies, are you meaasuring it? The one thing that really helped me was to buy a scale and measure everything I ate. That way I knew exactly what I was getting. Even potato chips. They say x number of chips but I measured so I had a 1 oz serving. Good luck Sheila!

  3. Maybe TOM, maybe you're not eating enough! Bootcamp this morning and we all had to turn in our food logs (with calorie counts) for Mon & Tues. One woman is eating 1000 cal and she's rolling her eyes at us when we insist she needs to eat more to lose weight. She can't understand how eating more will help her lose. She blew us off like we were the idiots. Anyway, maybe track a "normal" day of food and see where you land... maybe you think you're eating more but you're not. Honest mistake, easy to do.

  4. Here's a clue - if you're not eating enough, you will notice you are cranky, or less energy. Cranky is my clue.


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