Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is in the air

Yesterday began the trolley of stirring up the Christmas Spirit here in the King household. As I went and picked the children up from Mimi's, I was blessed to be surrounded by Joy Jim Brickman style. I had a migraine that started Friday, and lasted into Saturday, so even yesterday I was still feeling the effects of that. We decided that we would go on search of a new Christmas tree, and then venture home with takeout and begin our decorating. We officially have two of the three tree's up, and both are about 90% completed. The rest of this week, I have enjoyed some Peppermint mocha (both from Starbucks, and home), and the scent of yummy candles.

Those are just the beginnings that get me in the "mood" for all the festivities. I plan on knocking out the wrapping this week of the gifts already purchased, so that I am not so frazzled when it comes to the end of the wire. And I think I am opting to do a Christmas Letter this year instead of sending the preboxed cards. I need to finalize my thoughts for that.

But this is the season to remember, of the joy and freedom that we were given by the birth of our Savior. That is the one thing my focus is going to be on in my prayer time, my time in the Word, and simply in conversation. Thanksgiving is a prelude to the truly thankful season. When you buy a gift for someone, do it with Thanksgiving that the person is in your life. If you can't, then simply opt not to buy a gift for them. See, we are not out running people's errands we are the search for a gift that will bless them, bless their heart, and mean something more then opening a present.

I was overjoyed to spend time out on Black Friday shopping for my lovely children and finding deals to boot! It was a grand time, and I am happy with the purchases I found. Is it everything on their list? Of course not! LOL I am not the kind of parent that gives our children everything they want. IF I did that, what would they have to look forward to later in life? My 11 year old wants a cell phone and a laptop. It's not going to happen. When she is older, sure. Not right now. My husband and I have raised our kids to be just that kids. They know how to play outside, to use their imagination, to be free. They are not stuck inside playing on the Wii all the time, no sirree bob! If it's nice outside ~ they go play outside. Period. My 11 year old doesn't need a cell phone, because the only place she is without a parent is school. Her friends can call her at home and a few of them text her from my cell phone. Sorry. Our society has made it where kids have too much too soon ~ and they are raising kids who are not only spoiled rotten, but ungrateful, and have NO CLUE on how to wait for something. What's going to happen when these kids get out of school and are adults in this world? I will gladly get off my soap box now!

Along with the gift buying, wrapping, letter writing, decorating, you can't forget the baking, and sharing of goodies! YUM! Have you started prepping any of your Christmas plans? I would love to hear them.


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