Sunday, November 7, 2010

Natural pleasures

Natural Pleasures

Today I went to the grocery store and got so many good for you kinds of foods. One of those, which I completely adore and realize how much I was wanting it's natural goodness.

I bought a pretty large bag of some very beautiful Gala's. As I was loading the groceries into the Explorer, I realized that I hadn't had lunch and was beginning to get a bit hungry. Starbucks was right next door to the Kroger's in which I just shelled out some nice green for some goodies. Do I? Should I? I bet the peppermint mocha's are out! Hmmm... I looked into the bag I was putting in the back, and decided to open the bag of beautiful gala's and put one in m pocket. As I was finished unloading the groceries, and pushing my cart to the cart holder (Y'all do that as well, right? I can't get over how many lazy people just leave their cart by their car expecting someone else to just come get it for them.... as if the cart holders are there for someone else to worry about.) I took a big bite out of my juicy apple and the first thought I had was "Thank ya Jesus for leading me to stay the course, and simply just change the choices a bit.". Yes, Starbucks would have been lovely, but that apple was delicious.

I have had a lot of quiet time today, as hubby was resting, and the kids were out enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather, and realized something. Yes, I do need to pull in the reigns on the sugar but it doesn't have to be a big deal. I just need to take a few more moments, and choose better for me foods more often then not. I also realize I need to probably be eating more beneficial foods instead of the crackers and cookies at lunch. THAT seems to probably set me up for a junk food fetish on it's own. This week, I plan to enjoy some oatmeal in the morning with a yogurt. Lunch will be a tasty treat of a peanut butter sandwich (or turkey w/ lettuce and tomatoes), and some fruit. I plan to take a Luna bar with me to eat if I get hungry sometime between breakfast and lunch (which I doubt) or for a snack around the time I pick up the twins which will also be fueling me for a workout within an hour or so from them, OR fueling me for quite a bit of house blessing. Either way, I am ready to be fueled with foods that I adore, and enjoy without pushing in the negative type foods which seem to bring me down mentally if in the least. Is this overly being focused on food, and making it a higher priority? Not at all. Not the way I do it. See, for me having a "game plan" keeps me from running to the driver thru or giving in to the temptation of foods that are healthy to me. I do plan on treating our family to Subway one night since we all enjoy it, and it is a good meal.  Other then that, I am excited about a "new" lease on healthy living.

Now, has there been any "proof" as to what the "forbidden fruit' was? Was it an apple, or perhaps maybe a pomegranate? Curious and I know some of you are renowned Bible Scholars who probably think I should already know this answer!
Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30


  1. That picture is making my mouth water!! Praise God for making the way for you to make healthier choices. I could picture you putting that apple in your pocket and taking a juicy bite.

  2. Yummy, I love Gala and this year I just discovered Honey Crisp apples too. They are just as yummy!

    I love it when God directs our actions...especially in the 'little stuff' like you experienced shows a whole other side to Him that I do not often think I always am aware that He cares about big events in life but do not focus on the fact that He cares about even the small stuff. What an AWESOME God!!!
    Thanks for the reminder that He cares!


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