Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A quick focus up vid #14

I have to show you something, to share some wisdom, and give you a glimpse why I can't turn back from this freedom journey of mine and grasp on to any man made rules. Please, scroll down to the bottom of this page first and mute the music so you too can grasp this truth! This is my heart today! And I saw this in the perfect timing.

I will be back later this afternoon with a "real" post. I just couldn't wait to share the latest focus up minute witih you!

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30


  1. Awesome!!

    This is a truth that the Lord has been putting into me the last couple of is time to stop focusing on my weight and start living life and honoring Him with my life in the area of my body and thoughts!

    I have spent so much time in my life worshiping food by overeating and now He has shown me my worship is still on food, by totally focusing on what I can and can't eat rather than on Him. Same idol different way of worshiping it!!! I am thankful for the revelation H e has given me on this! now to walk out into freedom in this area!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Paula and I have had a quite few conversations about one time I even had said "I can't talk about weight release anymore"...When the focus is off the food and on HIM....WOW...I remember when I first started the journey of this weight release (God's way for my life)..I was busy cleaning the bathroom and a light bulb moment came to me..'I haven't thought about food all day' BLEW me away ...I was so busy 'living' and just going about my day as 'doing unto the Lord' that the food idol was not on my mind.....

    I can't get over Gwen's hair...I remember when it was shorter..of course that was when her first book came out...MANY years ago....I learned a lot from that book...and still practice some of those truths!!(that was before my daughter was even born 14 years ago!

  3. I enjoyed the message in Gwen's video. Such encouragement and truth. Amen to the truth that we are not failures because we don't "stick" to a diet. We are His girls and if we allow His leading, we will succeed to give Him the glory. It's all about Him. ((hugs))


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