Monday, December 6, 2010

Ah... it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas.

King Family Christmas Tree ~ 2009

This is my favorite time of year. I love this season, because it helps not only myself, but many people reflect on the good things of the year. We begin to reflect on the miracle of Jesus' conception and birth, and we realize how BIG God really is. For me, I am spending time in the Word reading the "Christmas story" throughout this month (It begins at Luke 1:26). The next few weeks at church we are having a series called "The Gift", and if yesterday is any consolation and insight into the next few weeks, I am honored to be in such an amazing church.

I honestly can't imagine how Mary would have felt. What was she doing when the Angel appeared? Was she helping prepare a meal? I am a lot like Beth Moore, in that I am into details, and there are so many of those left out of the Word. (Maybe to save something for Heaven eh?) Anyway, I can't imagine being a young lady, awaiting marriage to have an Angel come to me (little ol me) and say I was going to birth the Savior of the World. Wowzers!!

Our Pastor began sharing how this scripture and announcement of a miracle in the making can be applied to our own life as well, and let's just say I am so moved this morning still. Does it take anyone else time to "digest" a message at church before it really sinks in? I have yesterday's sermon just permeating within me this morning, and I pray that God will continue to speak to me and urging me to dig deeper.

Last year I did a whole Christmas Series, and I loved it but it was a lot of work. I can't promise that again this year, because well  my plate just seems so much fuller (though it isn't) then last year, and I do not have a ton of extra time. Now, once these next two weeks are over then YES I will have a  vacation from preschool, and will have a bit more time to blog and spend some intimate time with y'all here. In fact, I think I will spend the days of December 17th - December 24th doing another Christmas bloggy special, so be on the look out for that.

For now, please leave me a comment on what you would like to see during those days. Recipes? Christmas memories? Tips on Gift Wrapping? Scripture to get you in the "spirit"? (That is going to be a given anyway LOL)

From you, I would like you to tell me, the one thing that seems to be calling out to you this Christmas Season? Are you into all the mall decorations, has something been said at church these few weeks inspire you to have the Christmas Spirit? What is your favorite Christmas traditions?


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