Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

Burrr! I know if I tell you we are down into the mid to upper thirties this morning I KNOW some of you would laugh at me. THAT is down right cold! At least here in my part of Texas. Some of my own friends would argue with me, and tell me to "suck it up", but since I have lost all that extra "natural heating", and my thyroid is obviously still off, cold hurts!
When it gets cold I begin craving hot, ooey gooey, comfort food. Whether it be a nice big cheesy type casserole, or a cup of soup. This is the first year in two years that I no longer have to worry about that. I can eat what I crave and enjoy it because I have learned my proper boundaries. Last night was a perfect example. I made a pan of "taters and onions" and ham steaks. I simply rolled a couple of table spoons of the potato mixture into a tortilla, and had my ham on the side. Very simple meal, but boy did it hit the spot! Later on I did enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. :) And not one ounce of guilt. Pure enjoyment.

A situation arose yesterday that normally would have sent me into one of three places. 1. A Binge. 2. Turning completely away from where God is leading me and following someone else. 3.Depression. For once, I didn't give into people pleasing ~ which would have caused one of those three places to arrive in my presence. For once I stood on my convictions because I had  no where else to go. I was where I needed to be, and I know that I KNOW not everyone is going to agree with me, or you for that matter 100% of the time. IF they do, then they are usually NOT being genuine and/or trying to please you. And, I am done being fake, or un-genuine because that is really where people pleasing leads us. If we are doing something to please someone other then GOD himself, we are living a false pretence and it's time for God's people to finally stand up and be true to who they are, and how God is leading them.

For once I was proud of myself, because well it just shows how much I have matured, and grown. You may not see that and it's okay. For me to be able to recognize it in myself it is amazing. I have so much peace and joy within me right now, that I truly feel like a new creature. I am excited to see what God is going to do today! I am excited to see what God has for me today! What a precious gift! What a.... timeless treasure. OH my friends, I pray that you too can experience the kind of freedom that I have. I pray that you can be so free in Him, that you no longer are afraid to be you. I pray that this freedom brings much joy even in the circumstances that try to rob you of your joy.

May you be blessed on this lovely (and cold) Tuesday! I am considering of having a new "series" on the blog. I realize some of you read and are encouraged by the word of God I share, not necessarily for the way that I choose to eat. I thank you for your continued support and loving me for just me! YOU are treasured!


  1. I love the freedom I hear in this post!!!


    Lots of warm tea to keep me warm here in Northern Ontario...really cold outside!!!

  2. Thank You Christine! You can not imagine the way God has blessed me today. I truly feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because well, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks anymore. My deepest desire was to live a life of inspiration, and being a puppet falling into the people pleasing of this day and age ~ wasn't that. That was disgusting, and I have done that too long. To be able to walk in freedom from such bondage, which wasn't glorifying God at all ~ but instead causing myself to continue to put other's feelings before that which God gave me is pretty shameful. Praise the Lord for His Redemption!


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