Saturday, December 18, 2010

Book Review: Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Every year, I love to spend time in the evenings reading a Christmas tale or two. I read a lot of non fiction books (especially this year), so from time to time, it's nice to let go and just enjoy a good story. This story did NOT fail to bring a smile to my face, or the Joy of Christmas to my heart. Mrs. Merkle or Mrs. Miracle as she was "accidentally" portrayed was such a feisty little one. She could easily fit the bill for your favorite grandma!

Debbie Macomber includes a few tasty recipes in this tale as well, which sound delightful. As one of my favorite authors, it was my pleasure to purchase this book and read it just as my Christmas break was about to begin. I was actually sad when the story ended but only because I wanted to read more. If your looking for a nice read this week, I highly suggest this book!


P.S. I did not receive this book for review, but chose to do so on my own because I really liked the book! While I am given books to review from time to time, I fully purchased this book on my own.

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