Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Contemplating 2011

I know that I am not alone in this venture ~ looking back on 2010, and exploring what's to come in 2011. I know for me I have seen my life take a fantastic leap forward and my hopes and dreams for2011 is for it to continue. For that to happen there are things in my life, my personal life that have got to change. Now is the time to take the next step.

One of the biggest steps that I am taking, is reducing drastically my time online. To be completely honest, I am no longer fullfilled by the things that used to fullfill me. I used to get tons of enjoyment sitting here online blogging, facebooking, chatting with friends on message forums. But I have learned something ~ more in the last month then I have ever learned. One of those big things is that I am LOVING simply just living my life. To be honest, it has been many years since I have felt that. I am talking years.

I am not saying I will never blog again. I am not saying I will never be on facebook again. But you can bet that I am saying that I am ready to get out there and enjoy  my life! Do you know how nice it will be in the mornings to no longer feel the pull to jump on line because I have to see where everyone is, and what they are doing? It began this morning. Now, mind you I currently have the flu and don't want to do anything ~ but that has never stopped me before. I have truly been given the best gift I could ever have. :) It's called appreciation of life!


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  1. Odd (well, not really) that you should be thinking along those lines. I had determined a few days ago that I would not post on weekends any more. It is possible to spend less time online. This Spring my computer was at the repairman's for some time, and that broke my "addiction" to being online daily. Here lately I noticed it creeping back, and it's time to take control over this habit once & for all.
    More Power to you! God has other things for us to do with our time and talent.
    Blessings in 2011.


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