Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Helpful Hints : Intuitive Eating / WD

If I had to try to figure out how to eat with God's good intentions, the best way I know how to explain my new lifestyle, then I have to say this. I wished I would have had this list to refer to. So, this is a personal list for me, and one that may be helpful to someone who is just learning this way of eating.

*Eat ONLY when you are truly physically hungry. (NO head hunger allowed)
*Eat regular foods that you truly enjoy. If you enjoy yogurt, then eat it. If you don't, then don't feel like you have to choke it down.
*Rate the food on your plate (or if serving yourself~ the foods available to you at the time you are eating). Eat the best bites first, leave the not so perfect ones behind. It is truly okay.
*Savor each bite taking notice of the texture changes, flavor changes that make ti so perfect.
*Take a mental note before each bite. Stop the moment you realize you are satisfied. (NOT STUFFED, and I even recommend not even full. Guess what? As soon as you feel that tummy hunger (preferably a growl), you get to eat again. (If you are truly watching for this you will notice food does not taste as good when you are satisfied.)
*Rejoice in how little it really takes to give you satisfaction.
*Again, savor each bite, and eat slowly.
*As often as the food you are eating allows, eat with a fork.(even pizza, french fries, burgers)
*If you are tempted to eat beyond satisfied, remove the food from your vision. Dump it, destroy it, but do not be overcome by it.
*Eat when you are hungry. DRINK when you are thirsty. (Non caloric drinks unless at meal times.)
*Go to God for your strength and your direction and look only to HIM as the object of your obsession and redirected passion.
*Enjoy all types of food with Thanksgiving! (EVEN sugar! Do not begin to feel condemned because you are enjoying something that God created for you to enjoy. Do not feel condemned because some food specialist told you it would destroy you. FOOD is not evil ~ your love for food is. )
*When facing temptation do NOT hesitate to ask God for a way out.
*There are no secrets here. This is not a secretive relationship. YOU CANNOT HIDE from God, nor can you hide your desires. Be honest and be willing.

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Sheila
“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

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