Friday, December 31, 2010


Welcome! Some of you know me from my health blog "Rebuilding Mrs. Sheila" or my regular life blog "One Pretty Little Box". This here blog, is specifically for all things related to my kitchen! I have a few areas of my life that I am wanting to work on, and this blog will help with three of those.

1. Learn to be more frugal ~ The King family tends to eat out way too much! Our food budget gets out of control, and one of the biggest ways as a steward of our family finances that I can help with is to simply cook more things at home. Less convience foods, more love.

2. To become a better servant in my home ~ I am good at serving in the community while teaching, and in church while singing in the choir. BUT... too often at home, "things" become so redundant that I get bored, take things for granted, and well I need to work on serving the ones I love and that are closest to me BEFORE I can truly serve in the right way outside my home.

3. To raise a generation that makes a difference ~ Too many families are facing brokeness, painful break ups, and much more. In the midst of this the children are being effected because parents are not giving itno their children anything that will benefit them later on in life. I want my kids to value a meal, to understand it is for nourishment of the body, mind, and soul not just french fries because they taste good.

I invite to my very imperfect kitchen, as I branch out to be more creative in our menus, planning, budgeting, and most importantly, creating a safe haven for my family to return to day after day. As time goes on I will make it as easy as I can for you find a recipe to try along with me. I will be trying some of my favorite bloggers recipes as well, and sharing the tweaks that I may have done to make it mine, or what I thought could have been done differently.

I will most likely join in on  A Monthly Menu Plan, as well as a weekly Menu Plan, and possibly link up with a few of you in sharing our favorite recipes. I am excited to have this specific blog for just my cooking, and to have a place that will archive how much I grow in this process!

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