Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A list of my favorite things

I decided in lieu of the season, I wanted to share some of my favorite things that always bring a smile to my face.NO matter what is going on around me, one of these things will ALWAYS lighten the mood.

1. My Bible ~ I prefer the Amplified Bible because it explains so much and in a depth that I can understand more about my King.

2. My Starbucks Reusable cup. The best 13 dollars I have invested in myself in a long time. I have drank more water out of this cup then I have a regular water bottle in I don't know how long. I think the straw (mine is a candy cane stripe) helps me to "down" more of the clear liquid then if I didn't have one.

3. The smiles in my classroom, when "it"clicks, and they "get it"! I love that. That is what has kept me going for so long, and what makes everyday so exciting for me.

4. The Biggest Loser. The season is almost over, and I will anxiously be awaiting the next season that is scheduled to start on January 4th.

5. Hot cocoa ~ I love love love to drink a cup of Hot cocoa in the evenings lately. It is cool here in South East Texas, and being on the Gulf Coast, it is down right humid, which makes it seem colder then if we had dryer air. One of my favorites is Candy cane Cocoa. ( I buy mine at Walmart)

6. Christmas lights turned on the tree, in a darkened living room. The lights just dance over the walls, and into my heart every single time.

7. 24 Hour Fitness membership, though life has made it a bit difficult to adhere to a regular schedule. The nice thing, after this month, it seems like the world just comes to a huge halt.

8. My church home, and family. Even though I attend a mega church, let me tell you ~ it's a tiny glimpse of Heaven every single time I walk in the doors.

9. Sunrise and sunsets equally! I love the way the colors are painted across the sky, and they seem to bring a hope ~ and a beauty that can only come from the Creator.

10. My friends and family who love me for me, even when they don't agree. Even when they REALLY don't agree, but can hug me and say "I love you anyway!". Thank you if your reading this!


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