Monday, December 20, 2010

My Hero ~ My King

"With just a moment to contemplate this enchanting Hero, you can be moved to worship, and when you are moved to worship God, you will no longer worship your stronghold, and you find the power to walk free. As time goes on, you realize that He knows the exact number of hairs on your head. You are drawn in to love Him, for you finally realize that there is no person, place, or thing that can love you the way He can. His demands are highly rewarded." ~ Rise Above pg 99

This is where I am today. At the feet of my King, my Hero. The one who accepts me even when things don't seem plausible. I have had a song resonating in me, and believe it or not it is not a traditional Christmas Song, but one that I am honored to be singing in the Spirit on this week that we begin to seek out the wonderment of the season. I am not forgotten by Israel & New Breed. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and for once in my life I can see it! I can see the beauty within me, not the outer beauty ~ but the inner beauty. The misunderstood heart ~ though it speaks of freedom! I am FREE!

I no longer feel the need to seek out understanding from anyone in the choices I make for my life, and for what I choose to believe. I don't feel the desire to have to always explain why I believe what I believe ~ nor defend why I choose not to believe the same as someone else. I don't find my identity in what someone chooses to believe I am to be. I find my identity in who God has created me to be, and in the ways He is molding me ~ my heart, my mind, my soul. I am finding my identity in who *I* am, and in the differences in what I may believe vs someone else, and finally for once I don't feel ashamed for being different.

When I pulled comments away, it was because I knew my boldness would soon come, and I wanted to share my heart freely without constantly having to "defend" what I believe. I am pretty sure there are friendships that will be shattered, but sometimes we need to let go, so God can move in us (and perhaps them) without the hindrance of needing to "tip toe" around the truth that we are learning and feeling like we need to share as bloggers. If what I blog about offends you ~ or if you do not like my point of view, simply just don't read.
My Hero ~ My King is not anyone on this Earth. Even  my husband fails me, while I love him completely ~ HE cannot complete me. The ONLY one who can ~ is God. You as my friend cannot complete me, or even understand  me. I get that ~ finally.

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