Friday, December 10, 2010

My "Word" for 2011

I don't usually throw a theme for myself for an entire month, let alone an entire year but I think God is whispering to me, to indulge in Him this upcoming year. If you know anything about indulging in Him, then you realize that means less of everything else that seems to take up the time that we so freely give away. But for once in my life, I am up for it.
Less is More

That is my theme for 2011. Less of everything. Less of me, less of society's grip on me and my family, less clutter, less 'stuff". But more of Him ~ more of Him in me, More of Him where society has tried to hold a grip on me, More of Him in our home, more of Him all the way around. Each week, I will share what I am currently doing to enjoy and embrace this motto of mine that the Lord has put into my heart.

It all started when I heard a brief statement "This lifestyle of less is more, has really changed not only our life, but the way we see life". on the radio, and well, it hit me. I truly want to life a life of "less is more" because well, I see the current generation who doesn't find true satisfaction simply. It is complicated, and it's my generation that are raising these kids to always want more. to always be entertained, and this list could go on and on.

So, starting in 2011 stop by and see what I am doing in my own life, in my home, and how I am getting our children to understand "less is more".



  1. Hey Sheila! I am going to pray about this but this morning what is on my mind for 2011 is this:
    NMC No More Compromise!~Carol

  2. I like it Sheila. I really do. And I need to realize less is more too for myself and my kids. I will be following you over the next year and seeing how you are doing!

  3. What a great theme god is working in you. I so agree Less is More. We have so much stuff, and it just sits un-used. I am slowly widdling down and down, and we are paring down Christmas gifts a lot this year as well. I will be sure to follow your adventure, and hopefully do some myself.

  4. Amen. I know you're right. We have way too much. And LESS of me and MORE of God is needed too!

    Come over and see what you won at my place. Congrats!



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