Friday, December 17, 2010

Our very own Christmas Miracle

Charles, Kristen, Holton
Christmas 2009
 We have had our own Christmas Miracle today. Our kitty Pumpkin (named because we got him on Halloween and well, he's orange) hasnt' been himself this week. Come to find out poor thing has an icky infection and is now on the mend. This is the first year my bank account hasn't been penny out as penny in. I was saving to sneak hubby a new TV for Christmas. I am thankful we have the funds to take care of the things that pop up, but it was nice to not have to hit the savings account to "Tend to life". Seems like my "less is more" attitude has already begun. God is so good and faithful,and while Pumpkin is not 100% back to normal, I know within in a few days he will be going strong again. Praise the Lord!


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