Saturday, December 18, 2010

Responsible "intuitive eating"

Yes I did. I used those two words in the same sentence! Responsible Intuitive Eating. Sounds interesting doesn't it? A few weeks ago it hit me that I can eat intuitively and still plan out my meals for the week. In fact, by doing so I can help to ensure that not only my "cravings" are met, but my meals are well rounded.

Then lies the question "What if you dont' want what is planned?" Then I have two options. If funds are available  I can eat what I am wanting, and eat the planned meal another time OR I could simply add it to my list of meals for the next week. It doesn't have to be a big deal. As a wife and mom to three kids, who is the sole meal provider (as in the one who cooks), it is up to me to plan out the meals. There are times I will leave an option open for take out or a quick meal of a grilled cheese and tomato soup, but the norm around here has been to menu plan. Here lately I have gone to the store, got the basics and the extras we normal do, then came home and had a game plan running in my head.

Eating intuitively with meal planning, and within the true boundaries of hunger/satisfaction I do not focus on foods all day. I know what's coming and I can usually be satisfied by that. By doing it this way, I have the chance to figure out if what I am "craving" is mental or actually a physical craving. This week, I know that Friday evening, and Saturday I will be eating some rich treats, but... because i know that, and I know my sweet  tooth will be satisfied in a HUGE way, it will help me "hold down the fort" in the meantime. By that I mean, I dont' have to have the treats all week long just because it is the week of Christmas. I can tell you what is left at my house on Christmas day, will be divided up into a small container to enjoy on Sunday (the day after Christmas) and the rest will be frozen to be enjoyed later on as desired. I am realizing ... for once Christmas is NOT going to be all about the food for me. And, I am sad to say that for so many years it has become a big deal. Living a life of deprivation led me to have a huge BINGE session that would last three days to two weeks. I am honestly looking forward to a lighter fare ~ in regards to the amount (not the options).

I have had several of you ask me how I am eating, and how hard it is for you to eat intuitively without going overboard. The biggest "Tip" I can tell you is that you need to allow God to work on you ~ to show you that you can't rely on yourself all the time. If you are trying to control your eating all on your own it is simply going to take you twice as long to get the hang of it ~ if you ever do. No, it's not easy when we are programmed to follow someone else's rules on eating, BUT living the good life is not easy. It's definitely worth it ~ but not easy. To me, following a set eating schedule or food list is one of the easiest things you can do especially when compared to learning to trust your own body. When people are struggling with this way of life, I simply ask first ~ if they are having trust issues. Trust of God's promise to take care of our needs (just as he does a birds), and trust in ourselves to become all that God created us to be. When we can learn to let go, and let God ~ we can do it. And it is as simple as that. We are called to be childlike in our faith ~ believe the unbelievable. I am learning to be just that. God is doing a new thing in me, and I couldn't be happier.

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