Friday, December 31, 2010

Wisdom from a doodlebug

Art provided by Doodlebug
It's nice when the kids are raised with the values of such honor and respect for one's parents! Dad no longer egg's this kind of behavior on, as it now comes naturally especially among Doodlebug (or Jr. as I often call him). Now, we often joke that Dad is the King around here, and we do try to allow dad to be the King. One thing that I want our children to realize is how much we adore the father of our home, as he is the king in our castle. It warms my heart even more to know they understand that even this king, will always desire for THE KING to be the KING, even above himself. It is times like these that my heart melts, and I get a tiny jewel in my crown, because I see the respect and love our children hold for their daddy. There is not enough of that in our kid's generation right now, even in my classroom I can see three and four year olds who have not one ounce of respect for adults, let alone their own parents.

I have to share one more photo (okay, a few more) from today's chalk art after the kids got tired of riding their bikes.
Chalk art provided by Doodlebug


Doodlebug Himself (12/31/2010)

Peanut having fun too! (12/31/2010)

Prissy enjoying being creative! (12/31/2010)

From our home to yours ~ Happy New Year! And remember, Dad is the KING!


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