Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Beauty of the Lord....

The Fred Hartman Bridge near my home.
Sometimes, we expect God to be able to move mountains, but when it comes to the little things we think He doesn't have time or the care. We are wrong! God cares about the details. He does. The sunsets and sunrises are the proof. The wind singing a lullaby through the leaves in the tree is proof. The soft smile of a newborn is proof. The more I give of me to Him, the more I am learning that in life the things that bring me the most joy is the little things. (Having all the laundry done, a clean living room, a fresh baked cake, time in the backyard with the kids, a sweet yet seductive smile from my husband.) It's the every day little things that God tends to in my life that matter every bit as much as those times during the big storms when His arms carry me.

Let's embrace not only the moments in life that seem so BIG , but start making our self LOOK for the small things in life that we take for granted. Purposefully look for the little gifts and begin capturing them in your mind, you heart. I am going to join my friend over at Holy Experience and begin looking for 1000 gifts this year. January is almost over, but I am trusting that God will lead me to see just that. Won't you join me? These ladies join over on Mondays to share their "gifts" at Holy Experience (linked above). I am committing my Mondays to sharing with you the gifts I found and embraced the week before. I am committing each and every day to look for and embrace what gifts God has given me.

I have spent a week away from only pouring over WD or Rise above, and let me tell you I feel so much peace. Yes, I am still following the principles I learned BUT I am not putting more focus on those books (or the founder) then God anymore. And, I can say I am still on track because I am down a tad bit more. My husband really doesn't want me to loose anymore, but I can honestly say losing hasn't been my focus. Staying consistent during the weekend, when times get tough, and when I get tired has been the focus. I give God the glory now, because I know He will lead me to my perfect body weight/size, and I have the spirit of contentment where I am now. I am not desperate anymore to "Fix" the behavior. Now, I am just desperate for Him.

I am off to finish getting dressed for church, and make sure the kids are ready as well. May your Sunday be blessed.

Serving Him with Gratitude,

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